Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trunk or Treat 2012

This year's Halloween was kinda disappointing for me.  I had some funny ideas for my kids' costumes, but they are old enough to object.  Brayden and all his friends dressed up as M&M's, Blaine was a skeleton, and Bryson just wanted to wear Blaine's old Spiderman costume from when he was younger.  I have kept most of their costumes because Blaine and Bryson both liked to play dress-up in them.  It still looked brand new and I didn't have to spend hardly any money!  That was the best part :)

 This was the only photo I have of Blaine and someone else took it!  He refused to let me take one!

 A maskless Spiderman!
Below, Bryson and several of his friends got together and "traded" what they didn't want.  Bryson didn't get the hang of it very well and gave most of his away without getting in return.  Don't worry....I'm not complaining.  I throw most of it away every year anyway :)

The "big" kids

Happy Halloween!


Friday, October 12, 2012


Yesterday morning getting ready for school....

At the kitchen table and at the top of his lungs, Bryson: "Ohhhhhh yeaaaaahhhh!"

In the bathroom and at the top of his lungs, Blaine: "Ohhh yeeaaaaahhhh!"

In his room getting dressed and at the top of his lungs,

Brayden: "Oh yeah! Oh yeah! OHHH YEAAAHHHHH!"

(It's like some sort of animal call they do back and forth to each other. Proof they should be living in the wild.)

Me, shaking my head, choosing my battles and thinking to myself, "At least they are in different rooms, not fighting, and actually doing what they are supposed to be doing. And no one is bleeding."

Have a great weekend everyone!


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