Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Conversations With Bryson

Bryson just came up to me not really crying, just whining, and said, "I have a boo boo on my earbow!"

"Do you mean elbow?"

"Yeah. My earbow."

Sniff, sniff.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Stash #2

I had a customer last week ask me to make her a crayon roll out of cowgirl fabrics. She sent me links to the fabrics she liked and I ordered them. When I got them in, I washed, dried and ironed them. Then I started to cut it, and I didn't think it matched. I pulled back up the site I purchased it from because the brown spots looked black. I thought maybe I had ordered the wrong thing. I did notice that I had ordered from 2 different collections. I had ordered it correctly and it was all from the same designer, which means you can order from different collections and they will usually all go together somehow, someway. But this one didn't. So I messaged the customer to tell her I didn't think it matched and I sent her links to some others that would go with the fabrics she had already picked out. She requested a photo of them together and thought it was really cute. So I went ahead and made it and it mailed out a few days ago. I hope she likes it! But since I am so picky about things matching exactly, I went back and ordered the other fabrics that went with the one. The animal print collection is on back order, so when it comes back out in October I will purchase one to go with it so it doesn't go to waste.

This is another I was so excited to get. With boys you have cars, bugs and dinos. Pirate stuff is popular and I really liked this one. In fact, I was so excited that I didn't enlarge the photo so I could see the measuring tape next to it to see how big that print really is! I made a pencil pouch out of it and got a lot of the print on it, but I think it is a little big for a crayon roll. It had another with Jolly Rogers all over but smaller I think I will go back and order.

A few fabrics in a pin dot. They were on sale and I had a coupon so that was nice! These are great for all kinds of sewing projects and are gender neutral. Well, except the pink.

And last but not least, another one that was on sale but was still a little more because it is organic cotton, but I really liked the print so I only got 1/2 yard of each. I forgot to take a photo of it before I started cutting. I guess I was too excited! Here is what I made out of it. There would have been one more crayon roll, except I cut it 1/2 in. too short so the remaining fabric got thrown into the scrap pile. Don't worry! It won't go to waste...I will use it later! These have already been listed in my Etsy shop!

Happy Sunday!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It Ain't Food Network....But They Eat It, Tuesday!

This is something that my entire family will eat. I don't get to say that very often and too bad it isn't a meal. It makes a good snack or breakfast drink. This serves 1. In other words, a big glass for me and a small one for Bryson. If I make it for all of us sometimes I double or even triple it, depending on if it is being enjoyed for a snack or a drink with a meal. The kids don't drink quite as much as me and Stephen. I think you get the idea :)

Blueberry Smoothies

1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 cup fat free, vanilla yogurt
1/2 cup pineapple juice (can substitute with orange juice)
1 ripe banana
handful of fresh spinach leaves

Throw all that into the blender and blend until all the spinach leaves "disappear". That will eliminate most of the whining. My kids only seem to taste the spinach if they can see it. I can't taste it at all. If you do, next time don't add so much. Pretty simple and a good way to use up almost too ripe bananas and get some more greens into your (and theirs!) diets!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Stash #1

I follow a blog of a lady that makes some of the coolest quilts I have ever seen. Her blog is called Red Pepper Quilts and she is in Melbourne, Australia. Each Sunday she does a blog post called Sunday Stash and shows the fabrics she has just received in the mail. I drool over her blog! She uses fabrics I would never have thought to use and uses them in ways I would have never thought of either! Each quilt she has posted is beautiful, to say the least. So I have decided to totally copy her and do a Sunday Stash post on Sundays. Mine won't be as frequent as hers are, as I don't go through the volume of fabric she does. But I thought it would be something fun and different.

The car fabrics with the coordinating dot fabric is from a line called Monkey's Bizness, designed for Alexander Henry. This has been one of my favorite boy fabrics so far. The first time I bought it I bought the bottom two and only got a 1/2 yard of each. Big Mistake! I have had a lot of requests for crayon rolls in that fabric. I was able to make 3 out of what I had purchased and when I went back to get more, they had sold out. I was having to tell people left and right that I couldn't get it anymore....even from other Etsy shops that sell fabric! Then the fabric site I buy from the most restocked it and it was on sale! Woo hoo! So I bought a yard of each of those plus the green. I was afraid if I bought more I would jinx myself and they wouldn't sell.

The fruit fabrics are from a line called Fruit Punch. I thought they would be cute as bibs and maybe some coordinating burp clothes? I haven't cut into them yet, so we shall see. I already had some of the strawberry print and made a crayon roll with a green and pink polka dot pocket. It turned out cute and has already sold. I need to make another one!

My sewing room was sheet rocked yesterday and next week we will have the guy who is finishing it here each day working on the finishing. Then maybe by next weekend I can paint! I had to box up all my sewing supplies (again!) and now it is in the boys' room. They aren't here this weekend and boy are they going to be surprised when they get home :) It won't be for long, though.

Everyone have a great Sunday afternoon!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Conversations With Bryson

Saturday afternoon we stopped by Publix for a few items. Bryson wanted doughnuts. They were the stale Krispy Kreme's. Don't get me wrong, I love Krispy Kreme Doughnuts! But they looked like they had been there awhile so I told him later that night we would go into town, watch them make them and get a doughnut. He didn't quite like that idea and Stephen ended up having to take him out of the store kicking and screaming while I got into line. By this point I was acting like didn't know him as I watched them head to the car with Bryson thrown over Stephen's shoulder. I noticed people looking and I think they were trying to decide if he was being abducted.

Sunday afternoon Stephen was to lead singing at the church service at the nursing home where his Grandmother lives. I told Bryson if he could sit still and be quiet like in our regular church service he would get a treat.

"Krispy Kreme doughnuts?!?" He asked.

I told him that would be fine but he had to earn it. So we went, and of course, they weren't making any, but he didn't care. He seemed very surprised that the place smelt like doughnuts. I'm not sure exactly what he was thinking it would smell like. We went home and he started eating his doughnut he picked out. It was a little much for him so he told me he was finished but told me NOT to throw it away.

Me: "I won't. Just put it back in the box."

Bryson: "Can you say please?!?"

Me: "Bryson, can you put your doughnut back in the box and save it for later....please?

Bryson: "Now was that so hard?"

He cracks me up.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pencil Pouches

One of my goals this summer was to make some pencil pouches for my boys. Of course, they didn't know this so it was a surprise. I had all summer to make them, and I bought fabric on Friday, washed it on Saturday, and didn't get them made until Sunday. The day before school started!

They were pleasantly surprised when they saw them, as they are BIG Alabama fans. I asked them if their friends liked them and they said, "Yeah! Well, all of them except the Auburn fans!"

I also made one for a friend's daughter out of the Groovy Guitar fabric by Michael Miller with black and gray ta dot fabric on the inside. It turned out cute. I think she liked it. But I forgot to take a picture of it :(

This week I will be linking up to:

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Fabric Flowers

Fabric Flowers

Here is something I worked on yesterday.

Ghosts and Pumpkins

candy corn and stripes

black cats and googly eyes

I have so many scraps of fabric that I am trying to use. Most of them I save for quilts, but I didn't really want to put Halloween fabrics in quilts with other fabrics, so I thought I would try making hair clips and maybe some pins with the fabric left over from this. All I need to do now is add hair clips/pins to the back and they will be finished! I think I like the black cat one the best. Which one is your favorite?

Linking to Too Cute Tuesday at the Funky Polka Dot Giraffe, Made By You Monday at Skip to My Lou and Homemaker on a Dime's Creative Blogger's Party Hop!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bryson's 1st Day of PreSchool

This is a long post because I squished 3 days into one post. Sorry! It is the first time I have had a chance to sit down and type this all out, but these are things I want to be able to look back and remember.

Monday was my baby's first day of pre-school! I can't believe he is big enough for school.

Friday was "meet the teacher" day. He was excited to go, but as soon as he got there, he wouldn't let go of my hand. And Bryson has NEVER liked to hold any one's hand. We walked to his room and his face immediately went into my leg when the teacher looked at him. She gave him his tote bag with his name on it. She told him she had put a surprise in there and he was trying not to look interested but peeked a little. I showed him around the room while she greeted other students. I showed him the behavior chart and how his frog needed to stay on the good lily pad. Then the birthday chart. And the "duty" chart which he heard as "doodie" chart and giggled under his breath. Boys. He pointed at the "Books of the Bible" chart and asked what it was. When I told him it was the books of the Bible like he sings in Bible class, he held back a grin. His teacher told him he could sit down and she asked him what he liked to play with.

"You tell her what I like to play with." He whispered.

"If I have to talk for you I'm gonna tell her Barbie's." I told him.

He mumbled to her that he liked cars and trains so she gave him some cars to play with. Snacks were delivered and she offered him a cookie and some lemonade. He perked up then because this little boy loves lemonade!

"Do we get cookies and lemonade everyday?" He whispered to me again.

"I don't know about cookies and lemonade, but you will get a snack everyday!" I replied.

He thought for a few seconds and said, "That's a lot of boxes of cookies."

Another little boy came in and I encouraged Bryson to see if the other boy would like to play cars with him. The other boy heard me and came and played, but of course, neither would speak to each other.

"Can I have some more lemonade?" In a whisper, of course!

"Ask your teacher if you can have some more."


She heard him and offered some more lemonade. He just nodded. After he finished his snack I asked him to put the cars away and we got ready to leave. He quietly told his teacher bye and we left. When we were walking out of the building he looked at me and said, "That was the bestest lemonade EBBER!"

I woke him up Monday morning and went to fix his breakfast. I turned around and he was standing behind me dressed and ready to put on his shoes. He didn't eat much breakfast, but it was early for him and I am sure he had a queasy tummy. I told him it wouldn't be long after he got there that he would have snack so it was okay if he couldn't eat much. I reminded him to go to the bathroom when they had bathroom breaks. I told him he didn't want to have an accident on the playground if he got too busy playing.

He giggled and said, "I won't get to busy!"

I told him, "You might. Blaine did."

He couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Blaine peed his pants on the playground?!?"

I corrected him, "No. Blaine POOPED on the playground."


"YES! So if you have to go to the bathroom while you are playing be sure and tell your teacher."

We got to school and he left his blanket and tissue in his car seat, and went right to class. His teacher took our picture together and he hugged and kissed me bye. He didn't even cry!

When I went to pick him up he was excited to see me. I was ready to talk and started asking him questions. He got in his seat and saw his blanket and tissue and immediately started sucking his thumb. I needed to go by Target because we were out of trash bags and coffee. I needed him to stay awake so I kept trying to get him to talk. He was getting aggravated with me. I knew if I brought up the lemonade he would talk.

"Did you have lemonade for snack today?", I asked.

"NO!!! We had stupid apple juice!!!", He yelled.

"What did you have for lunch?"

"I don't know"

"Was it good?"

"I don't want to talk right now."

Meaning "I can't talk with my thumb in my mouth! "

The next day I called the office because I couldn't remember if I had paid the first month when I registered or if I had just paid a registration fee. The lady that answered told me she was going around introducing herself to the kids and trying to learn their names. She told Bryson that she was there when Blaine was in Preschool.

Bryson said, "Did he POOP his pants?"

Poor Blaine. Bryson is never going to forget that.


Love This!

I would LOVE to do something like this! Except I never find a shirt (well, two shirts ) cheap enough to cut up. I think I will start looking now!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Today Is The Day

Today is the day that my littlest one goes to pre-school. I am sad that all my kids are growing up so fast, but I am excited that he will be on a better schedule. This poor kid went from the delivery room to the baseball field. He does well since that is all he knows....go, go, go. He has gotten to the point that he only naps "accidentally" in the car and it is always later so he stays up later. Now he will have to get up earlier, nap earlier "accidentally" in the car on the way home, and hopefully go to bed earlier! And for that I am excited!

I did warn the teacher at orientation that since he has big brothers she will probably need to put me on speed dial. If there is even such a thing anymore :)

Time to wake up the boy! Praying he wakes up excited and has a great first day!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Recommended Reading

I read this blog post today and could SOOOO see it being me. Good to know other mothers have boys that do silly stuff! Enjoy!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Is It Fall Yet?

So most people that know me know that fall is my favorite season. Not only is fall my favorite, I do not like summer. Do. Not. Like. It. I am so happy to see fall and Halloween fabric in the fabric stores! I was just giddy when I was looking for some the other day. There were so many decisions. I decided on 5 and made a Halloween Fabric Pennant.

I think my favorite fabric of these 5 are the googly eyeballs (2ND from the right). I have some scraps left, so I think I will make some fabric flowers from it like I did here, and make them hair clips? Not sure yet. We shall see!

I am linking up to Made By You Monday and Too Cute Tuesday. Go look at all the crafting and baking fun!

Conversations With Bryson

This week we have started getting the kids to bed earlier to try to get them on their school schedule. Especially Bryson, who starts pre-k Monday and is a night owl. The first couple of days went well. Then we got home last night from church a little later than I wanted to. So, of course, he needed a snack. He didn't eat supper very well because he had eaten a later lunch. I got him a granola bar and he was piddling around eating it. I reminded him he had to get to bed so when he gets up for school next week he will be nice and have lots of fun.

He looks at me and says, "Ya know, I AM pretty cute."

I had to agree that he is pretty cute. But I also told him when he is tired, grumpy and whines like a baby, he isn't as cute, so he needed to go to bed. He agreed and headed that way! He is very excited about school! I hope he is still excited after the first week of getting up early.

Monday, August 1, 2011

3 Years

I just happened to look back and see when my first blog post was, and wouldn't ya know, today is my 3 year blog anniversary! So how about an anniversary sale in the Etsy shop today!

All day get 10% off your entire purchase. Enter "ANNIVERSARY" in the coupon code box when checking out. Share with your friends and family! Get a jump on Christmas!



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