Thursday, August 4, 2011

Is It Fall Yet?

So most people that know me know that fall is my favorite season. Not only is fall my favorite, I do not like summer. Do. Not. Like. It. I am so happy to see fall and Halloween fabric in the fabric stores! I was just giddy when I was looking for some the other day. There were so many decisions. I decided on 5 and made a Halloween Fabric Pennant.

I think my favorite fabric of these 5 are the googly eyeballs (2ND from the right). I have some scraps left, so I think I will make some fabric flowers from it like I did here, and make them hair clips? Not sure yet. We shall see!

I am linking up to Made By You Monday and Too Cute Tuesday. Go look at all the crafting and baking fun!


nat said...

Fall is also my favorite! Love it! I need you to teach me how to make these pennants because they are so cute and seem like they would be easy. Maybe at the next craft night?!

Michelle Paige said...

Super cute pennant banners! Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment about my thank you notes. I'd be honored to have you pass them onto your church friends.
--Michelle Paige

Mary Beth said...

I love your pennant...and I am ready for fall. It is my favorite season and after this way too hot summer...I can hardly wait.


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