Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Now What?

I am up later than I would like to be right now. All three of my kids have strep throat, with the baby being the worst. The older ones tested positive but have been climbing the walls and I threatened to take them to school before 9am yesterday. Bryson had the high fevers, the wonderful rash that sometimes accompanies strep, and the sleepless nights. Now the next predicament. What usually comes with antibiotics? You guessed it. Yeast infection. He has cried to me since I picked him up from my parents that his "bottom sore!" The medicine is causing diarrhea which doesn't help at all. He hides to go to the bathroom, usually under the kitchen table, and then tells me he isn't dirty when I ask him because he knows that it will hurt to get his pants changed. He screams when I change him and it is torturing us both. Blaine even cried the last time cause he said it was so sad.
So here is my predicament: he is asleep in the living room floor on a waterproof mattress pad topped off with a beach towel, naked as a jay bird from the waist down. His poor little bottom was hurting so bad he wanted me to blow on his rear end. Five minutes later he was asleep. He has been there for over two hours and I am trying to decide if I should try putting him to bed or if I should just grab a pillow and blanket and sleep next to him.
So where is my husband, you ask, through all of the screaming, diaper changing and naked as a jay bird, sleeping in the floor craziness? He came home from work, took some Nyquil, and we haven't seen him since. I hope he doesn't have it too.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Roman's Quilt

I have a new project to start this weekend. And no....I haven't finished the last quilt I posted about. In fact, I haven't touched it since. I will explain that in a moment. Roman is due a couple of weeks after Bryson turns two. I have a lot of work to do in a short amount of time. I never get my baby quilts done before the baby comes. I like to make something for that particular baby instead of making things up ahead of time that can go for either a boy or a girl. So I have waited until mommy picks out the bedding and has the nursery painted. I received a message on facebook last week with all the colors of the paint that will be in his room. So Saturday while Bryson was at home napping with his Daddy, I took a little trip to Home Depot and then on the Hancock's Fabrics.

Actually, the way that went was, I went to Hancock's and then remembered that I forget to go by Home Depot and get the paint samples so I had no idea what I was getting. So I left Hancock's, went to Home Depot, got the samples and went back to Hancock's.

I had a hard time finding fabric with the colors that matched the paint samples that didn't have flowers or pink on them. I looked around for quite some time before deciding on the fabrics that I liked together. Roman's mommy has also requested rick rack which I have always wanted to use in a quilt, but have not. I hope I can incorporate it into this one. Not sure how I will do it yet.

Here are the paints that will be in Roman's room.

And here are the fabrics I found to work with.

Rick Rack in chocolate brown. That will also be in his room, I just didn't get a paint sample of that cause, well, we all know that I know what chocolate looks like.

And this is my inspiration for my quilt.

Wish me luck!

P.S. The other quilt that I was working on.....I decided to back it with an old sheet that I had that wasn't really old, but don't use anymore. I started looking for it and then remembered donating it to purple heart a few months ago. Well, I needed to have the measurement of the backing fabric so I would know how wide I need to make the strips. I didn't want to get a bunch of it done and it be too long and have to cut it off. So I decided to look for one last time I went to Target. The first thing I saw when I walked down the aisle was perfect. It is an olive/khaki combination with chocolate brown paisleys. I thought it would work well since it does look kinda old and paisleys where really popular in the time period that all my scraps are from. I got the whole queen set for $19.99! That means I can use the fitted sheet to back another one and I guess I could use the pillow cases in another quilt! Maybe when I get Roman's done I will have time to work on it again.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Becoming Opinionated

It is amazing how early kids start forming their own opinions. I don't remember my other ones being like this, but I guess it has been awhile. And maybe Bryson is starting earlier since he has big brothers to teach him.
He is really starting to show interest in what we pick out for him to wear. He is doing a good job, but still needs a little guidance. Take for instance, the other night I got him out of the bathtub and he wanted to wear his favorite shirt. It is an orange and brown striped bodysuit with a monkey on the front and says, "Naughty". Very appropriate, I think. Of course, I would normally put PJ's on him but I had given him a bath a little earlier than normal so I let him where his monkey shirt. That is what he calls it. Monkey shirt. He got down and told me he needed his orange hat and his new shoes. Then he asked for socks. Believe it or not, he was actually very will color coordinated. It was a strange combination, but it did match. I guess I can say I at least have something to work with seeing how my older ones still have a hard time matching. You shorts and a black shirt.

Aren't these the cutest legs? He was so proud of putting this outfit together and really cooperated when I got out the camera! Now if I can only get him to understand that church shoes don't go with bodysuits, but pants would be good!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Golden Rule

I am sure that I am like all other mothers in the fact that I am always preaching the golden rule.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."


"Do unto others as they did unto you first."

"He hit me first so he must want me to hit him back!"

That seems to be the Golden Rule my kids tend to live by. But the boys are maturing and seem to be getting better with that rule. Sometimes.

Yesterday afternoon Blaine came home from school and he was being nice. There was my first clue. He went to the table and got his homework done in a timely manner with no back talking. Clue number two. Then when he was done he went straight to the couch and when I walked by him he was almost asleep. Clue number three. I put my hand on his head and he was hot. I asked him if he felt okay and he told me he was sleepy and had a headache. His fever reached 101.7 before bed and I doped him up with ibuprofen and gave him some Mucinex for a cough. I told him it would be okay to go on to bed if he wanted to. (And if he had done that, let me tell you, I would have called 911 immediately). But he wanted to finish watching something on TV and that was fine because it wasn't bedtime yet anyway. So when it was bed time and Brayden had gotten his shower and PJ's on, Blaine was out like a light. I called for Stephen to come get him and put him to bed for me. But Stephen was finishing up grouting bathroom #2 and it would be a few minutes before he could come help me.

Brayden said, "I'll get him mom."

WHAT?!? Was my first thought. Then he reassured me he could pick him up for me. Well, I already knew that since I have seen him body slam him before. I reluctantly said okay, and stood close by in case his niceness was fake and he decided to put him in a full nelson and hurt him as he was sleeping away...thanks to fever reducers. That sweet little boy that is quickly turning into a big kid, scooped up his little bother, told him to hang onto his neck and carried him down the hall to his bed. He tucked him in and told him if he needed him during the night to wake him up.

My heart melted!

I told him that was very sweet and he reminded me that Blaine had been really nice to him a few weeks ago when he was sick and that he deserved it. I reminded him that when we treat others nice all the time, we (most of the time) will get treated nicely in return.

So all that preaching is soaking in a little.



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