Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Golden Rule

I am sure that I am like all other mothers in the fact that I am always preaching the golden rule.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."


"Do unto others as they did unto you first."

"He hit me first so he must want me to hit him back!"

That seems to be the Golden Rule my kids tend to live by. But the boys are maturing and seem to be getting better with that rule. Sometimes.

Yesterday afternoon Blaine came home from school and he was being nice. There was my first clue. He went to the table and got his homework done in a timely manner with no back talking. Clue number two. Then when he was done he went straight to the couch and when I walked by him he was almost asleep. Clue number three. I put my hand on his head and he was hot. I asked him if he felt okay and he told me he was sleepy and had a headache. His fever reached 101.7 before bed and I doped him up with ibuprofen and gave him some Mucinex for a cough. I told him it would be okay to go on to bed if he wanted to. (And if he had done that, let me tell you, I would have called 911 immediately). But he wanted to finish watching something on TV and that was fine because it wasn't bedtime yet anyway. So when it was bed time and Brayden had gotten his shower and PJ's on, Blaine was out like a light. I called for Stephen to come get him and put him to bed for me. But Stephen was finishing up grouting bathroom #2 and it would be a few minutes before he could come help me.

Brayden said, "I'll get him mom."

WHAT?!? Was my first thought. Then he reassured me he could pick him up for me. Well, I already knew that since I have seen him body slam him before. I reluctantly said okay, and stood close by in case his niceness was fake and he decided to put him in a full nelson and hurt him as he was sleeping away...thanks to fever reducers. That sweet little boy that is quickly turning into a big kid, scooped up his little bother, told him to hang onto his neck and carried him down the hall to his bed. He tucked him in and told him if he needed him during the night to wake him up.

My heart melted!

I told him that was very sweet and he reminded me that Blaine had been really nice to him a few weeks ago when he was sick and that he deserved it. I reminded him that when we treat others nice all the time, we (most of the time) will get treated nicely in return.

So all that preaching is soaking in a little.



Joy said...

Sniff, sniff... Those kind of moments are the best, aren't they?
By the way, does Blaine have strep? Me & Ben are both just getting over round 2 of it. They said they've seen lots of fevers without any of the typical strep symptoms (as in, NO sore throat).

Sara said...

EEWWW! I haven't thought about them having strep! Bryson had a fever for 5 days last week and is better now. So when Blaine came home with a fever I just thought it may be a fever virus? I heard that was going around. Then he cut two molars. Which also included the runs. Stephen, Brayden, and Blaine have all complained of a headache today. I will keep strep in mind. I sure hope not:(

Joy said...

Hate to say it, but those were EXACT symptoms...fever & headache. NO sore throat. That's exactly how round 1 was as well. You may want to have them checked out. PA said that they have been slammed with kids (especially 6 year olds for some reason) with it!

Kelly said...

That story is too sweet! Hope I have kids that will always be that nice (in my dreams right?). Speaking of sickness, Ellie has had a fever since Saturday morning. The fever comes and goes, so I am blowing it off as her teething. The doctors office said they didn't think it was anything either. But we go to the doctor on Friday for her 1 year check up so I am going to make sure that they check to make sure its not strep or an ear infection! She wasn't really wanting to take her bottle or sippy cup tonight. Oh well, joys of having a child at daycare. They are always sick, sick ,and sick!

Sharon said...

Hi Sara,
I read your little daily episodes and I have to chuckle to myself. It brings back many memories of my 3 little stooges, but I don't think I had the patience that you have with your little guys. Have to say that Blaine just grabs my heart......not that the other 2 aren't precious, mind you. Hope Blaine feels better real soon and the rest stay well.
Love you, Sharon ♥

gabgirl said...

you two are freakin' me out~!!! :O

i've heard that the flu has also made it debut!! we know several that have tested positive.

sweet story, sara. thanks for sharing. i need to let my boy's read your post so we might experience more of those little "heart-warmer" moments around our house!

the rambler said...

love it!! sweet boys!! it's precious when they look out for each other like that. hope it's not strep and everyone is feeling better soon. :O

Joy said...

They said they're seeing lots of flu in kids that got the flu mist...which is of course what we got. Just my luck :(


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