Thursday, February 12, 2009

Becoming Opinionated

It is amazing how early kids start forming their own opinions. I don't remember my other ones being like this, but I guess it has been awhile. And maybe Bryson is starting earlier since he has big brothers to teach him.
He is really starting to show interest in what we pick out for him to wear. He is doing a good job, but still needs a little guidance. Take for instance, the other night I got him out of the bathtub and he wanted to wear his favorite shirt. It is an orange and brown striped bodysuit with a monkey on the front and says, "Naughty". Very appropriate, I think. Of course, I would normally put PJ's on him but I had given him a bath a little earlier than normal so I let him where his monkey shirt. That is what he calls it. Monkey shirt. He got down and told me he needed his orange hat and his new shoes. Then he asked for socks. Believe it or not, he was actually very will color coordinated. It was a strange combination, but it did match. I guess I can say I at least have something to work with seeing how my older ones still have a hard time matching. You shorts and a black shirt.

Aren't these the cutest legs? He was so proud of putting this outfit together and really cooperated when I got out the camera! Now if I can only get him to understand that church shoes don't go with bodysuits, but pants would be good!

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