Monday, September 29, 2008

The Cup and the Scotch Tape

My Mom always tells me if she got stranded on a desert island the one person she would want to be stranded with is my eight year old, Blaine. He always has an answer for everything and if he can't figure something out he will come up with ideas on how we should try something.

Being divorced and going to their Dad's house a few days each week makes it hard on the boys to keep up with their things. There is never a visit that goes by that we don't have to call and ask their Dad to bring something home. One day one of them may get up and be completely out of socks or underwear. They might have a ball game in 15 minutes and realize they don't have their cleats. Or hat. Or Glove. You name it...they have forgotten it.

Saturday we were supposed to be at the ball field at 9:30. I usually get up early. That morning I decided to sleep in and didn't get up until 6:30. No big deal. That was plenty of time for us to all get ready and be at the field in time. You would think. We ate breakfast and I sent the boys to get their uniforms on. Keep in mind they had already made time to play the playstation.

We don't want to have withdrawals now do we?

Everyone is getting ready and Blaine comes in and informs me that he doesn't have his jock strap. He had his cup but nothing to hold it in place. I told him to call his dad and ask him to quickly bring it over. He called and of course he can't find it. That was no surprise. So we looked again at our house to make sure we had not overlooked it. It was no where to be found. My husband informed me that it was gonna take him catching a line drive right in the "boys" to keep up with his jock strap. I told him we didn't have time to do anything else. It was already time for us to leave and he is still standing there in his underwear.

You know that look that your kids have on their faces when they are up to something? You know the look I am talking about.

He had that look.

"What are you up to, Blaine?"

"Nothing." (With the look all over his face.)

"Okay...I taped my cup on."

"You what?"

"Can you hear me crinklin'?"

He wasn't kidding. He did a little wiggle and yep...he was crinkling. I asked him if he was seriously going to wear a cup taped to his body. What if it didn't stay? What if he is running to home plate and it falls out his pant leg? It was only scotch tape. Not duct tape. He demonstrated how it would stay in place and ran down the hallway and back.

As moms we have to choose our battles, right? I decided this would be a good lesson in how you should listen to your mother sometimes. Maybe I needed to let him get embarrassed when his cup fell out his pant leg. Hmmm......this could be interesting.

It didn't last long. He said the crinkling was getting on his nerves and we were back to square one. Stephen told him to just stick it in his underwear. Blaine looked at him like that was the weirdest thing anyone had ever said to him.

But scotch tape wasn't weird?

He ended up wearing another pair of undies over the other pair with the cup sandwiched in the middle. He told me that was the best idea ever. I don't wear cups. Not there, anyway...Thanks Stephen!

We had a good day at the ball field. It was the last ball game for both of the boys and now we can have our life back! Until basketball starts in a couple of weeks. The weather was nice, so I fried because I forgot to put on my sunscreen. It doesn't take much ya know. Blaine got walked a couple of times and that is all I remember since I am also chasing an 18 month old at this point.

Brayden has always either pitched or played short stop. This year he has been in the outfield and has gotten really discouraged. My husband has explained to him over and over that it is completely different than playing in the infield. He missed a few balls this season and is really hard on himself when he messes up. He got to play third and first base this past Saturday. Maybe other places too, but remember....18 month old. He was part of a double play the last play of the game and was so excited! What a way to end the season!

Then I find out we have a tournament.

Oh was nice while it lasted.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

How Is He Related?

Divorce is hard on kids. Even after seven years. Some things you think they would just understand without explaining and they don't. And then the things you think you need to explain you get eyes rolled at you.
Although we live somewhat close to my children's school, we still have time for some odd conversations on the way. Yesterday, out of the blue, Blaine asked me, "How is Camden related to Bryson again?" Camden being his Dad's new baby with his wife, Bryson being my son with my second husband and "again" being Blaine asking me something he obviously thinks he has already asked.
My answer?

"He's not."

"Yes he is!"

"NO...he is not!"

Apparently Blaine didn't like my answer because he argued with me all the way through the car rider line. He proceeded to explain to me that he had to be related to him because Bryson was his brother and so is Camden. I explained how they are both half brothers to him, but not to each other. He asked me if they would be close like Brayden and him are. I explained probably not. He didn't like that answer either. He wanted to know if they would be friends. I told him I didn't think so. What about at school?

He just isn't getting it is he?

He wanted to know what Bryson would call Camden. I explained that he would probably call him Camden. Like everyone else.

Finally, we were getting close to the end of the car rider line and it was almost time for them to get out. I hated for him to get out with such a big question on his mind. It doesn't take much to keep him from concentrating and I didn't want him to worry about it all day long. And obviously it doesn't take much to pacify him. Here I was trying to explain how they were related and I guess I was giving him too long an answer. All I really needed to do was give him the shortest answer possible.

So I told him that Bryson and Camden are ex-step-brother-in-laws. Brayden was in the front seat next to me and I could feel him looking at me with a strange look on his face. And just as he was about to ask what in the world I was talking about Blaine says, "OH! That makes sense!" Then grabs his book bag and jumps out of the car. I told Brayden, "Just go along with it."

He smiled and tried not to laugh as he agreed to go along with my answer.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Finally Finished!

When my oldest was in Kindergarten I decided every year for a teacher gift I would make his teacher a quilt. So I made his teacher one in her favorite color, purple. It turned out really cute and he gave it to her the day he graduated. We have the cutest picture with him posing by her and her quilt. He was as proud of that quilt as I was.
Then he went to first grade and that year several of my friends had babies. They don't just hope they get one of my quilts, they come up and tell me what color they want it to be. So then I decided I would just make quilts for the Kindergarten teachers. After all, they are special in the fact that they take our babies that first year away from us and love them like we would if we were there. So Blaine started Kindergarten and I was 2 months pregnant with Bryson. Of course, I was too tired to start one. And then Thanksgiving and Christmas came along. Then I started nesting and painted 3 rooms in my house. I can make a quilt on maternity leave can't I? Well...I didn't anticipate all the laundry that would come with only one more person. Then baseball started. It seems like he has been at the ball field since he was 3 weeks old. Then graduation day came along. We gave his teacher her quilt...basted together...and then took it back. I told her it was just a preview. I couldn't let her think that she wasn't getting one, could I? Everyone was jealous of Brayden's teacher gift. All the teachers were saying they were going to pick my kids to be in their class so they could get one too!
I explained to Blaine why I didn't get it finished and I would have his teacher's quilt finished by the time school started in the fall.
Then Blaine was promoted to the second grade. Still no teacher quilt for his wonderful Kindergarten teacher.
Last night I finally finished the last of the binding. It really didn't take me long to quilt and finish it. Just finding the time to sit down and get it done was the hard part. I can't do it with Bryson awake. He gets into my stuff and gets mad when I won't let him touch my sewing things. And then the fact that he naps at my mom's house while I am at work and doesn't nap at home unless I am off or it is the weekend. Then there is the house work and laundry then. So I ended up getting a bigger washer and dryer last month and it has cut down on how many loads I have to do each day and it has helped free up some time for sewing! So I washed and dried the quilt this morning. Then I picked the boys up at school and drove around to the front of the building. I got all three of the boys out of the van and went inside for the big reveal! She was out today because one of her children was at home sick. Disappointment once again for poor little Blaine. I told him we would try again on Monday. That would give me time to get a card and gift bag. If we are going to give a gift 2 years late we should at least wrap it, right? Then maybe I can put a picture here of it and you all can see it!
Bryson will be starting kindergarten in about 5 years. I guess I should get started on his teacher quilt now!


Saturday, September 20, 2008


Last night I decided I was not going to set my alarm and just get up when I was ready. I woke up at 6:15 and it was so good to sleep in. I got up, started a pot of coffee, opened the windows and rebooted my laundry. As soon as I opened the windows it started to sprinkle but not enough to have to put them back down. The house is quiet as I am the only one awake so far. I have alot I want to get done today. I know...why am I on the computer. I have dishes so high in my sink I could barely get the water into the coffee pot. All I need to do is unload the dishwasher but I wasn't home long enough yesterday to get it done.
There are a few things I want to tell you about from yesterday. Every year a group of us girls from church go to the NEACA craft show and then go get lunch. I love to go and get ideas of crafty things I would like to do (like I will have time anyway) and this year I got started on my Christmas shopping. Yea for me! I bought for 6 people including the boys' teachers and then two things for myself. And I got something for the boys bathroom. It is so cute. It is called a wall rub. It is letters that are on this scotch tape kinda thing. You position it where you want it and then rub the letters onto the wall. It says "Mischief, giggles, fun, and love...that's what little boys are made of." Doesn't that just fit? It was only $20.00. How could I pass that up?

Now on to some even better news...and then some not so good news.

I sat down with our budget ( that yes...I do keep written on paper so I know exactly what I have to do with what) and was trying to find ways to pinch without turning off the phone and cable. I spent $1000.00 on groceries last month...and that was being careful. And of course, as everyone knows...the gas. So last Sunday I got the adds out of the paper to see what was on sale at my local grocery store, got on line and found a few websites with free recipes for the crock pot (that is another story for another day) and then I planned the next two weeks' meals around what I could do with that. I also checked the pantry and freezer so I didn't buy stuff I already had. I have to say....I did awesome!!! My budget has allowed for $700.00 in groceries in a month and obviously I blew it last month. So are you ready? I saved $63.83 with my coupons and store savings!!! For a grand total of $254.27! I am trying to think of a way to frame the receipt and hang it in the house somewhere. Just kidding. I have also started a tedious job, that will hopefully be worth it when I get done, of writing in a notebook every item that I buy and how much it was. Then I am going to go one day ALL BY MYSELF (you will understand that in a minute) and price other stores. Then I will take my highly organized notebook that is separated into categories and make another list of what I will buy where. This better pay off because it is gonna get old fast.
Now onto the not so good news. Bryson fell asleep on the way from the craft show to get lunch. So he napped while we ate at the food court in the mall and then I ordered him some lunch and he woke up as soon as I got it. Good timing right? Except for he didn't want to take a nap when we got home. So I thought to myself "Now would be a good time to go grocery shopping". I asked him if he would be nice if we went to the grocery store and he shook his head yes.

It was not.

He did good until we got to the produce department. Did I mention that was the first place I went in the store? Yeah. It went down hill that fast. He thought the cabbage was a ball. Anyone that knows Bryson knows that is his favorite thing in the world. So I would tell him that it wasn't a ball...that it was cabbage. He would say cabbage in his funny little baby way of trying to talk, and then cry for it. Well...if I gave him the cabbage he would throw it. So I didn't give it to him. So he threw his sippy cup at me. When I bent down to get it he threw his blanket over the other side. So I picked up the cup, put it in the BACK of the cart so he couldn't get it, picked up the blanket and hung it over my shoulder and then told him in a stern voice, "That is NOT NICE!" Bryson replies, "NOT NICE!" And then screams louder and then I felt like I was on that Nickelodeon slime show. Green snot went everywhere. And of course I didn't have my diaper bag which is where the Kleenexes were. So I used his blanket since we have more blankets at home. He didn't like that. So this goes on the entire time. Throw the cup, throw the blanket, I pick them up and take them away, he screams at me and then I wipe his nose with the blanket that I took away. Then he begs me for his cup so I feel bad and give it back. Then I had to get the produce guy that was mopping to use the handle of his mop and drag the cup out from under the banana display. That was all because I wouldn't let him eat one of the bananas. Then we got a loaf of bread and he cried for bread. And yes, I fed him before we went! He had eaten all day!

This is where I contemplated leaving with what I had. But I had alot of coupons I was GONNA use if it killed us both. And I had some good ones too! Besides, I had no idea when I would have time to go back. Then that would lead to eating out which would blow my budget. That is how determined I am with the budget. Anyway...

Aisle Two. Repeat above about 10 times. Then an older gentleman with a mischievous grin looks at me and says, "Are we having fun yet?" Now I could have taken that several different ways but the way I chose to view his comment was that he has grown kids and he is glad they are grown now. Then of course, since everyone was staring down every aisle I felt like I needed to tell everyone that this is so out of character for him.

Onto the end of the shopping trip.

I am now unloading the groceries onto the moving thingy and in the meantime Bryson reaches back and gets a light bulb (one of the expensive ones that are energy saving and last several years that were on sale AND I had a coupon for) and throws it. Well I can't go get another one because I have started unloading and I can't walk off. So I had to tell the guy ringing me up that my devil child just threw it and broke it and asked if someone could get me another one. I had to have two so I could get the store sale price and use the coupon. Determination. Then the best thing happened. He threw his cup onto the moving thingy and I just let him think it was leaving him for good. That's what you get when you throw your cup, right?
The young guy (Keith) who was ringing me up was so nice. Here I am literally throwing the food onto the moving thingy and he tells me in his comforting voice since I had just told him "I gotta get out of here"..."Oh don't worry Ma'am. He's fine...take your time." My response to that? "Well... I am NOT fine and I gotta get out of here FAST!" Poor guy.
Now we are leaving and I am now carrying him on my hip and pushing a cart with bad wheels filled to the brim down a slope. And I didn't hit anyone or any cars. Man...I am good. So I asked Bryson, "Where you nice in the grocery store?" And with a mischievous grin...he shakes his head no. Then tries to correct himself and shakes his head yes. And I said, "OH NO YOU WERE NOT NICE!" He said, "Not nice. Not nice. Not nice." And then I was explaining to him that if he EVER acted like that at the grocery store again he would stay home with his daddy next time. Then I asked him if he understood what I was saying and he said, "Amen." I think he was trying to say "Yes Ma'am" like his brothers!

Have a great weekend everyone and don't take a sleepy baby to the grocery store!

Now on to that kitchen sink!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm Back!

After being chastised by family this weekend at our family reunion for not keeping up my blog, I decided to get back on here and post. (Hello Jennifer and Rachael!) But first, let me explain why I have not blogged for a few weeks. I have been a little bummed about working all this stuff. For those of you that know me...I am not very good with electronics. I can also be very anal sometimes. About certain things anyway. I am sure if you asked my husband he would tell you he wishes I would be as anal about cleaning as I am quilt fabric and scrapbook paper. And is all organized by color. Anyway....when I blog and add pictures I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the pictures to stay with the post.

I like things to be organized by color.

I like things to be organized by size.

I like my pictures to stay with my posts so that it tells a story in chronological order.

I have a friend that has offered to help me with this electronic phobia of mine but we are both very busy moms so I will just have to live with it the way it is until we can get together. I may have no fingernails left and my hair may turn grey, but I promise I will try to hang in there and keep posting until I can figure it out. Only if ya'll (yes...I said ya'll with a sweet southern accent) promise to overlook the fact that for a while things will not be in order like I would like them to be!

Mom always taught us when we were little, whether it be me and my sister or me and my best friends, "It's always fun and games until somebody gets hurt." I can't tell you how many times I heard that growing up. Something my oldest son has started lately is hitting people on the rear end and telling them good game. This must be something he has learned from ball cause I didn't teach him this. If I hit his rear I wouldn't be telling him good game. I would be telling him to "cut it out". Well...he does this to Blaine and Blaine can't stand it. For a while Brayden would do this to Blaine, Blaine would come tattle (which gets under my skin so bad I can't see straight), I would tell Brayden to stop hitting, I would tell Blaine to stop tattling, then it would be over and we would go on about our daily lives. Then it turned into hitting Blaine's rear end, Blaine hitting Brayden back, and then everybody's crying because they have then beat up each other. Now it has turned into Brayden hitting Blaine's rear, yelling "good game" and running like the house is on fire so Blaine can't catch him.
So last night I am making fresh peach cobbler to follow our dinner of beans with ham and warm cornbread. Which by the way, reminds me of Grandma Stroud. I use her peach cobbler recipe that she used to make when she lived with us. And anytime we ate cornbread with our dinner she always ate cornbread and milk before bed. So as I am mixing my cobbler, I hear Bryson come running into the kitchen. What does he do? He smacks my rear end and yells "goo- gay" as he ran back out of the kitchen. Isn't it amazing how our kids pick up from each other the things you really don't want them to learn?
I hope as Bryson is soaking things up like a sponge that he learns to like reading like Brayden and that he learns to have a sense of humor like Blaine. Don't get me wrong...Brayden and Blaine aren't perfect little angels. They do have their moments. They are both very caring...but I hope he learns that you can be caring when it comes to your siblings also. We are still struggling with that one. But who isn't, right? I also know that they can beat each other up but somebody else better not mess their brother. Just ask my sister. She didn't get a week of ISS for nothing! I do hope as they get older their good qualities out weigh the not so good qualities and that is what I hope they are teaching each other. No one is perfect and we do learn from our mistakes!


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