Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I'm Back!

After being chastised by family this weekend at our family reunion for not keeping up my blog, I decided to get back on here and post. (Hello Jennifer and Rachael!) But first, let me explain why I have not blogged for a few weeks. I have been a little bummed about working all this stuff. For those of you that know me...I am not very good with electronics. I can also be very anal sometimes. About certain things anyway. I am sure if you asked my husband he would tell you he wishes I would be as anal about cleaning as I am quilt fabric and scrapbook paper. And yes...it is all organized by color. Anyway....when I blog and add pictures I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the pictures to stay with the post.

I like things to be organized by color.

I like things to be organized by size.

I like my pictures to stay with my posts so that it tells a story in chronological order.

I have a friend that has offered to help me with this electronic phobia of mine but we are both very busy moms so I will just have to live with it the way it is until we can get together. I may have no fingernails left and my hair may turn grey, but I promise I will try to hang in there and keep posting until I can figure it out. Only if ya'll (yes...I said ya'll with a sweet southern accent) promise to overlook the fact that for a while things will not be in order like I would like them to be!

Mom always taught us when we were little, whether it be me and my sister or me and my best friends, "It's always fun and games until somebody gets hurt." I can't tell you how many times I heard that growing up. Something my oldest son has started lately is hitting people on the rear end and telling them good game. This must be something he has learned from ball cause I didn't teach him this. If I hit his rear I wouldn't be telling him good game. I would be telling him to "cut it out". Well...he does this to Blaine and Blaine can't stand it. For a while Brayden would do this to Blaine, Blaine would come tattle (which gets under my skin so bad I can't see straight), I would tell Brayden to stop hitting, I would tell Blaine to stop tattling, then it would be over and we would go on about our daily lives. Then it turned into hitting Blaine's rear end, Blaine hitting Brayden back, and then everybody's crying because they have then beat up each other. Now it has turned into Brayden hitting Blaine's rear, yelling "good game" and running like the house is on fire so Blaine can't catch him.
So last night I am making fresh peach cobbler to follow our dinner of beans with ham and warm cornbread. Which by the way, reminds me of Grandma Stroud. I use her peach cobbler recipe that she used to make when she lived with us. And anytime we ate cornbread with our dinner she always ate cornbread and milk before bed. So as I am mixing my cobbler, I hear Bryson come running into the kitchen. What does he do? He smacks my rear end and yells "goo- gay" as he ran back out of the kitchen. Isn't it amazing how our kids pick up from each other the things you really don't want them to learn?
I hope as Bryson is soaking things up like a sponge that he learns to like reading like Brayden and that he learns to have a sense of humor like Blaine. Don't get me wrong...Brayden and Blaine aren't perfect little angels. They do have their moments. They are both very caring...but I hope he learns that you can be caring when it comes to your siblings also. We are still struggling with that one. But who isn't, right? I also know that they can beat each other up but somebody else better not mess their brother. Just ask my sister. She didn't get a week of ISS for nothing! I do hope as they get older their good qualities out weigh the not so good qualities and that is what I hope they are teaching each other. No one is perfect and we do learn from our mistakes!

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Jennifer said...

That's better!!! I got my "fix" as to what is happening at the Trammell household. Now that I've met Bryson, that story was even funnier. :-) I miss you all already!


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