Sunday, August 25, 2013

First Day of School 2013

The boys started back to school again this past Monday.  Everyone is doing well so far and enjoying it, as much as school can be enjoyed. 
                                                                Bryson is in 1st grade!
                                                               Blaine is in 7th grade!
                                                             Brayden is in 10th grade!

 They are all exactly 1 foot apart....Bryson is 3'10", Blaine is 4'10" and Brayden is 5'10".  I love how they are all stair steps in this picture.  Brayden forgot his shoes at his dad's house so we were waiting for him to bring them when I was taking their pictures.

Bryson wanted to get a silly picture.  And this is what happens when you ask a 15 year old for a silly picture!  I hope everyone else's first week of school is going great!


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Days of the Week

I have tried to get my boys, for years now, to lay out their clothes the night before so they can sleep an extra 15 or so minutes in the morning.  And so they aren't stopping me from getting things done to help them dig through the dryer or iron something at the last minute.  Bryson is the worst with this.  Last year he would lay out an outfit, only to change his mind the next morning and us go through the above listed scenario.  And then what he would decide on looked totally ridiculous and didn't even come close to matching.

There were even days where I wrote letters to his teacher apologizing for how ridiculous he looked and made sure she understood I didn't not dress him like that!  

And let me just add that this ended up in arguments and tears every morning.  And me yelling.  Which gets me in a bad mood!  So I saw on Pinterest (don't you just love Pinterest?!?) a site to print off the days of the week on door hangers.  I went to the site and then found out you had to pay now for the download.  Which I didn't mind doing since it was someone else's work.  But then I read through it and you had to use a certain type of paper.  Then I thought that one through a second.  I then realized that these would not last very long.  That is, if Bryson would even go for this.  So honestly, I didn't even want to spend THAT much money on it.

I then remembered the foam door hangers that the boys had made one year at VBS and thought that would be a good starting point.  I went to Hobby Lobby and got a pack of 10 door hangers, a pack of big letters and a pack of small letters.  They just happened to be 50% off.  Score!

 I decided to put the letter in which the day started, at the top of the hanger.  Then I put the day of the week in smaller letters.  This will also help him in reading and learning how to spell the days of the week.  Then I remembered my MIL had given him  two containers of animals, one jungle container and one farm container. 

So I thought, "Hey!  I can let him decorate with the animals that start with that letter!"


There were no monkeys.  There were no turtles.  What animal starts with "W" anyway?  Okay, a whale, but those aren't in the jungle or on a farm.  This fun craft we could do together was quickly going down hill and very quickly making a big mess all over the kitchen table 30 minutes before the big boys would start swarming for dinner like vultures.  

We ended up forgetting the decorating with animals that start with the same letter and just did the days of the week.  I boring.

And it was probably gonna be the biggest waste of time.  Saturday night I helped him match up 7 outfits that he could wear over the first week of school.  I hung the shirts on hangers and then the pants on pant hangers behind the shirts.  Then I put his days of the week door hangers over each set.  And guess what!?!  It's the 4th day of school and Bryson is still wearing the outfits that he picked out last Saturday night!  I hope this lasts because it sure is helping us get to school on time.  And I'm not having to worry about the laundry as much.  Now it can wait a few days if we aren't home!  

Here is the link to the pin that I found on Pinterest, in case anyone is interested in printing them off that way!


Friday, August 16, 2013

Conversations With Bryson

Conversations with Bryson...

Bryson: "You will never ground me mom, will you?"
Me: "I'm sure I will at some point in your life. Just look at Blaine."
Bryson: "Oh...YEAH! He is like the most groundedest person in our family!!!"
Me: "Yes, Bryson, yes he is."


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