Sunday, August 25, 2013

First Day of School 2013

The boys started back to school again this past Monday.  Everyone is doing well so far and enjoying it, as much as school can be enjoyed. 
                                                                Bryson is in 1st grade!
                                                               Blaine is in 7th grade!
                                                             Brayden is in 10th grade!

 They are all exactly 1 foot apart....Bryson is 3'10", Blaine is 4'10" and Brayden is 5'10".  I love how they are all stair steps in this picture.  Brayden forgot his shoes at his dad's house so we were waiting for him to bring them when I was taking their pictures.

Bryson wanted to get a silly picture.  And this is what happens when you ask a 15 year old for a silly picture!  I hope everyone else's first week of school is going great!


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