Monday, May 30, 2011

Made By You Monday :: Patriotic Ponytail Holders

This morning I ran a few errands. Blaine wanted to go with me and I told him that was fine, but I was going to two fabric stores first thing. I knew what I was going for and if they didn't have it that was it. He didn't have to worry because I wasn't going to be shopping long. Of course, I have never been able to walk into the fabric store and only get that one thing (neither one of them had it by the way) but I found this cute patriotic fabric. And it was on sale since it is Memorial Day! Woo hoo! I love not paying full price. Makes me happy! Here is what I made with it!

Too bad I have 3 boys! I am linking up to Made by you Monday over at Skip to My Lou! Go check out all the fun stuff that others have made, too!



Hello All!

I wanted to let all of you know that this blog here is having a week of Etsy giveaways starting June 4Th! She contacted me a couple of weeks ago and is reviewing a crayon roll and will be drawing to give one away. I am also going to set up a discount through her blog for the "losers". ha ha! There are several stores listed on the post that I linked to above and some are a secret so follow her blog and keep up with her to see what is being given away! Here are a few of my favorites.....

Good luck!


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Conversations with Blaine

Yesterday when I picked up the boys from school, Blaine came out carrying a big piece of black paper. He looks at me sadly and tells me that someone ripped his paper. He holds it up for me to see and a small piece of the corner was gone. Then he holds it up for me to see what it is. It was a silhouette of himself.

I busted out laughing and said, "It looks like Beavis and Butthead!"

He looks at me and says, "It's your Mother's Day present."

I replied, "OH! I love it! Thank you!"

It really did look like Beavis and Butthead. It had a tall head and the nose protruded out over the chin. But Blaine does NOT!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mommas!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Alabama Tornado Relief

I am in the process now of adding more bookmarks for tornado relief in my Etsy Shop right now. I know a lot of you live far away and want to help. All proceeds from the sale of my bookmarks will go to help people here in Alabama that have lost everything. They are only $3 and will buy something for someone who has nothing. A toothbrush. A tube of toothpaste. A bar of soap. $3 doesn't sound like much on it's own, but we can make it do a whole lot with your help!

Tomorrow morning I will be going to our church building to help take in items that are being donated to take to an area in Alabama where a friend from church has family. Our youth group will be working Friday night to help gather items and delivering them Saturday afternoon. Please keep this group in your prayers as they travel.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tornado Relief in Alabama

Hello all! We made it through the tornado outbreak last week. The only damage we had was a tree down in our front yard. We went without electricity for a little over 4 days, which is a drop in the bucket to what others here and across Alabama have gone through. There are so many that have no homes, vehicles, or personal belongings whatsoever! The pictures on the internet are devastating and my heart goes out to all these people.

Right now I am donating all proceeds from bookmark sales in my Etsy shop to help tornado victims. They are only $3 each. I know that isn't much but it will add up! I wish I could drop everything and go help clean up somewhere, but with a little one that isn't always easy to do. Right now donating money to help feed someone or buy diapers or formula for a little one is about all I can do. Let's all do what we can and together we can make a difference!

I have a lot more to list as these sell so keep checking back!

Please let others know and let's do everything we can to help those in need!



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