Friday, October 31, 2008


I don't know about you all but I am very worried about the upcoming election. Our church office sends out a news line every weekday. Every day this week they have been putting a note in there that is from our elders that I would like to share with you.

"Your elders request that you consider the upcoming elections and remember our country and freedoms in your prayers. We would ask that you pray for leaders to be elected who will uphold Christian values and return this country to the Biblical values to which it was established."

I thought this was very well worded and want to remind everyone to do this. I have never been much of a political person. I have voted in the last few elections but it seems this year, maybe because I am older, I have been really paying attention to all the political things on the news. What I see worries me. I am worried about who might become president and what that will mean for our country and for our children in the future. It always seems that I end up voting for what I refer to as the "lesser of two evils". There are things that I like about both candidates and there are things that I don't like about both candidates.

Please remember to pray for our country and our leaders. Not just before an election, but all the time. Pray that they make good decisions. Pray that the decisions they make will better our country and make our country better for our children and grandchildren in the future.

And remember, whoever becomes our President, whether it is who you vote for or not, it is all part of God's plan and they will need our prayers, too!


Thursday, October 30, 2008


So insomnia strikes again. But that did give me time to fold some laundry and finally get my pictures on here. I attempted again last night and it still didn't work for me. I guess third times a charm.
Last night we got home from church just in time for the boys to see the last couple of pitches of the World Series. I don't get to tell much about Brayden on here....just because....well he doesn't say or do a whole lot at this stage in his life really worth repeating. Unless you want me to pass along to you shut up, can I play the Wii, or kick you. You know...fifth grade. But last night while they were watching the rest of the game one of the boys asked what a Philly was. I told them a horse. Now if that was their team mascot, I had no idea. I just answered the question.

Brayden looked at me and said, "Then why do they have a big green booger for a mascot?"

"Good question. I have no idea."

Don't know. Don't care.

Tuesday night I lost Bryson again. In the house. This happens fairly often, seeing how he enjoys hiding from me and laughs at me as I go screaming in panic throughout the house. When he does this I can see him in my mind choking on all the things his brothers leave out for him to play with, maybe a pencil in the eye, you know, all the things they are already supposed to have put away. Complete parental panic.

As I was calling his name I could hear him but I couldn't find him. I tried following his voice but he didn't talk long enough and not to mention all the noise of his brothers and the TV. Finally when I called out, "Where are you Bryson?" this was my response:

He repeated himself. Several times. Then I realized my bathroom door was shut. He has been going into rooms lately and closing the door but the poor kid is so short that he can't reach the doorknob to get back out. So I slowly opened the door, as he is always standing close to it trying to get back out. The door slammed in my face as he yelled at me for intruding. I tried it again. Slam.
I waited a second and tried to listen to see what in the world he was up to. This time when I opened the door I found out. He was standing in front of the toilet taking his diaper off and screaming at the top of his lungs, "I go PEEEE!"

Well...let's break out the little potty then!

That ended up backfiring and being a really bad idea. But I did it. And seeing how little ones like him already know they have an audience of big brothers, it didn't go over well. For me anyway. I pulled the potty out. He sat down. He giggled. He walked around it. He took it apart. He got inside of it and got his feet stuck. It fell over with him still stuck in it. I picked him up, put it all back together and sat him back on it correctly. He then figured out that when he leaned back against the lid it was like a recliner so he sat there naked as a jaybird "reclining" in his new lay-z-boy with his "stuff" pointing everywhere but the potty. All of this with his audience giggling. Except for me, of course. Because the "stuff" was pointing my way. Keep in mind, while all this is going on he is still screaming his new favorite phrase of "I go PEEE!". By this point he was as aggravated at me for correcting how he was sitting as I was with him for not pointing in the right direction. He stands up, walks around the potty chair, holds it and aims, all while making all the sound affects of someone using the potty. "PPSSSTTTT! PPPSSSTTTT!" Then he walked off, squatted, and peed in the floor. I quickly grabbed him and placed him back on the potty as he screamed at me for interrupting. He even stopped going to yell at me. He went right back to the same spot and finished.
I thought maybe he could just sit on it with his diaper on, to kinda get used to the feeling of it, ya know? NO. That didn't work either. I hid the potty after he went to bed. The next morning I took him to my parents and I told him to tell Grandma what he had done that night. He patted the front of hid diaper and said very quietly, "I go pee."
I bribed him with ice cream that night to get him to put his diaper back on. He was happy staying naked, but by this point I didn't trust him. Open Season was on and we watched the end as we ate ice cream. He pointed to the TV and said, "Dog!" I corrected him and told him it was a bear and a deer. Blaine looks at me like that was the craziest thing I could have ever said.
"That's not a deer! It's a cantaloupe!"

Oh. My bad. I stand corrected.

The look on Brayden's face was priceless.


Halloween Hoot 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

Getting Aggravated

I have tried for over an hour to post pictures (only 9) of Halloween Hoot and all I got was another close up of the side of a picture. Like the goat picture. I can't figure out what I am doing wrong and it is getting on my nerves. It doesn't help that my computer seems to be as slow as Christmas and I am tired. So I will try again later. And if anyone has any advice for how to do this (gab girl) hint hint that would be great. I know it can't be this difficult!

Halloween Hoot


Pictures of Halloween Hoot are showing above! Yay!

Last night at our church we had our Halloween Hoot after our services. We had a pumpkin carving contest, the fellowship hall was all decorated with pumpkins, spiders and ghosts, and the kids dressed up and collected candy. It was a great night and fun was had by all.

My boys were Alvin and the Chipmunks. They were all game for it until Blaine walked out and someone asked him if he was Fat Albert. That didn't go over well...but it did give me some good ideas for next year! We would ask Bryson who he was and he would say "T-doe". He also wanted to eat the very first piece of candy he was given and I very nicely explained to him that he needed to keep going and get mommy some good chocolate. favorite food group! That is a food group, right?

Brayden, Blaine and I all carved pumpkins to enter into the pumpkin carving contest and we all one a ribbon. But here is what I don't get. There were three 1st place ribbons given away and two 2nd place. How is that possible? Isn't first place...well...first place? I won a first place ribbon with my Sarah Palin pumpkin, Brayden won second with an Alabama "A", and Blaine won the other second with a creepy skull. We were really excited. Especially me. But I am just like that. Competition in artsy-fartsy-ness...I'm there. And those of you who also won a first place ribbon....I'll kick your butt big time next year, and you know who you are! haha! If all goes well I will have pictures with this post, too! And then you can see my rockalicious pumpkin with my cool paper first place ribbon!

Have you ever had a moment when your kid does or says something really stupid and you laugh your head off because it is so funny but they are not trying to be funny? And then you look at them and they have this horrible look on their face because you are obviously making fun of them even though you don't mean to? Well, tonight I was looking over Blaine's graded papers and I always try to go over them with them so they see their mistakes. All year long I have been preaching to Blaine that almost every one of his mistakes are because he is not paying attention to the directions. He will add a math problem that he is supposed to subtract. He won't add punctuation to sentences when that is the whole reason they are rewriting add punctuation. Tonight was the best one yet. This is what the problem was:

Make a compound word using the words "corn" and "pop".

Blaine's answer : under dog. (He didn't even make it a compound word!)

Bahahaha! It is scary how much he is like his mother!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Short Stuff

How can someone that is too short to hold my hand when he walks, get toys into my washing machine? I was sitting in the chair in the living room last night and Bryson came running in doing his normal jibber jabber. I kept asking him what he was talking about. He kept yelling, "Ball! Ball!" I asked him if he threw it because he always throws balls across the kitchen floor. Everyday. All the time. So I asked him if he threw his ball in the kitchen. He shook his head yes. So I told him to go get it and he jibbered some more. Then a few minutes later I put him to bed. Then went to wash a load of clothes and in my washer I found a plastic bowl, a football and a leg that belongs to his Elmo K'nex. Must be that left handed pitch he has!

I guess he was telling me he threw his football into the washing machine and he couldn't get it!


Friday, October 24, 2008

I Did It!

I don't know how, but I did it! And it took way longer than I wanted and now I am rushed to get things done so now you can enjoy my family's trip to the pumpkin patch along with the goat!


Tates Farm 2008

An Honest Attempt

This is my attempt to put a slideshow of my family on my blog. And what I get is a lovely picture of a goat...without my family. Now the baby is awake and I need to finish getting ready for work. I will have to fix this later. In the meantime....enjoy the goat.


Tates Farm 2008

Photobucket Album

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This Week

I have been home all this week from work. Brayden has had strep throat. It all started on Sunday. Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch with our church group and had a busy, fun, long day. I will hopefully post pictures later. I have enjoyed being home these last few days but I know the papers are piling up quickly at work. I have gotten a lot done at home. All the little things that I don't get to because I have not been home long enough to do it. And some things I didn't get to, but I am sure they aren't going anywhere. They never have before and the cleaning fairy still hasn't found my house. Stephen is staying home from church with Brayden tonight so I can go. I missed Sunday night so I guess you can say it is his turn.
I participated in a kids consignment sale this fall. This was my first time to do this. I had 161 items and made $270.50. I brought home about 25 things. I wasn't really sure how to price things because I have never shopped it either. I think I priced things on the low side but a lot of it has been through three boys so I felt kinda bad even asking money for the stuff! Of course, they don't let you bring things with stains, holes, missing buttons...those kinds of things. So it's not like they looked like they have been through three boys. I am looking forward to doing it again in the spring!
I have had a hard time sleeping the last week or so. There is just something about the cooler weather that makes me want to do craft stuff. I wake up a lot in the night and think of something new to do. If I feel anything is worth showing, I will post that, too.
We finally got Blaine's teacher's quilt delivered. Remember...the kindergarten teacher gift from an earlier post? I can post a picture of it now, too, except my camera is still in the car from the pumpkin patch. I can hear the boys fighting now as they do their homework so I guess Brayden is feeling much better. He has begged me the last 2 days to take him to school. He says school is funner than laying on the couch. That is something that would have never come out of my mouth. I can always find something to do that is funner than school!
I know this post is all over the place but I am trying to get it done quickly and have already been interrupted about 7 times. I need to get some more things done while the baby sleeps and before I have to leave. Hopefully I will have my camera close by for my next post!
Oh yeah! We found out Monday that our very good friends Reed and Bridget are having a baby boy! They moved to Texas a few months ago. They were our eating out card playing church buddies. I tried to be optimistic when they moved and told myself maybe I will lose my baby fat from #3 and my house will always be clean. You guys might as well come back at Alabama. It wasn't ya'll all along! We miss them a bunch and are gonna miss spoiling that baby boy. And the rate I have been getting quilts done lately, I better get started soon! I see a really long road trip in our future....


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Do Over, Please?

Have you ever had a moment in your life that you wish you could do over? And if you could do it over you would definitely do it a lot different? Well, that was me yesterday. Here is how my day went.
I came home from running errands with the little one in tow. He slept for about 30 minutes in the car, so there went the nap when we got home. I was hurrying around town trying to get all the things done that I needed to do. I pushed lunch back a little and made us both cranky. I stopped and got happy meals for both of us for the way home thinking if he ate in the car he would soon fall asleep and I could carry him to his bed and put him down. Then I could get my work at home done. NO. He was awake when I got home. I Carried my things in and returned to the car to get him, then we went to get the mail together. He loves to help get the mail. He always hollers, "NO!" when I step into the street. At least he is learning. But yes, I still have to holler it at him when we go out to play. Anyway...when I got inside I opened my Discover Card bill. Not expecting but a little bit on it (should only be Netflix since we don't use credit cards) I almost fell out when there were two purchases on the same day in two different states.


So i called Stephen since one of the purchases was a jewelry place to make sure Stephen hadn't done some early Christmas shopping for me or something and forgot to tell me he used a card. And Stephen never does early Christmas shopping, but I wanted to make sure before I called the credit card company. So I called, went through all the security questions, explained my problem and they directed me straight to security.

I thought to myself, "Great, this will be fixed in no time and I can finish all the things I wanted to before Stephen gets home from work!"

"Ma'am, this is an authorized use. YOU swiped the card and there is nothing we can do."

I hit the roof!

"WHAT?!? Are you kidding me? You are telling me that I was in two different states on the same day, a school day at that, when I have a small child and a job? I am good but I am not that good? Can you please explain to me how I could have done that?"

She then proceeded to argue with me and told me that I DID do this. She told me I would need to call the stores that I made the purchases at. Then I told her I didn't have the numbers since I had never been there. I told her I didn't have time to argue with her about this. She apparently had computer problems and my card had been compromised. If she couldn't help me then close the account and I would start calling the companies and try to get it worked out myself. (By this time I am yelling at the top of my lungs and my child is just staring at me not sure what to think.) So she tells me she will transfer me to another department to close my account. I sat there as if she had put me on hold listening and I could still here all the noise in the background from when she was on the line talking to me. And then CLICK. She hung up on me!

So I call information to get the phone numbers of the places that I apparently shopped at.

"There is no such listing in Jackson's Gap, Alabama. Do you have another listing?

Oh...I am LIVID!

Now I have shopped somewhere I have never heard of and now they don't even exist!

The next one I give the operator is a good number (a supermarket in Louisiana) and I call the number. I have never been to Louisiana, but whatever, right? So the lady at this grocery store answers and I start telling her my problem. I asked her if they had video cameras and that I needed to prove that I didn't drive to Louisiana to by $45.00 in groceries.

"Oh! This isn't a grocery store! We go to craft shows around the south! Have you been to a craft show in Florida or Alabama in the last few months?"

Oh yeah. Oops. Sure did. Remember that post where I was bragging about getting Christmas presents for four family members and two teachers? Yeah. That was it.

So I call Stephen at work to tell him. One thing I left out here is that I called him after the woman at Discover hung up on me. So he didn't answer his phone. I called the store and Chris told me he was on the phone with Discover.
"Tell him to hang up! "


"Because I said so!"

Yeah...Stephen was giving them a piece of his mind. Then stopped and told the guy, "Oh! Never mind! My wife figured it out. Sorry!"

Then he told me I should be more careful! I was careful! Not many people would notice that they were not in two different states on the same day. I guess I was being too careful.

And yes, I did call the card company back to apologize. And this is what I got.

"I can't connect you with the person you talked to."

Great! Now they have in the computer system, next to my name, "Crazy woman! Danger! Approach carefully!"

How in the stinkin' world did they do that so fast?

Then she told me she couldn't connect me because the lady was in a different state and a different department. That's better. But just for the record, I apologized to the woman that answered that time and she laughed and said okay in a tone of voice that told me she didn't care and wanted to get me off the phone so she could go home.

Oh well. I did what I could do. But if I could have a "do over" moment, I would have not needed to call and apologize because I would have controlled myself the first time. I hope I didn't ruin her day. Maybe she is used to "crazy" people like me. I will try to do better next time. And if you are ever in this type of situation, hang up with the credit card company, cool down and then call them back. It will go much smoother!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

House Divided

I always see people with car tags that say "House Divided", meaning the parents go for different football teams. And in this state I have learned that is a big deal. Football...that is. You have heard the saying, "Cleanliness is next to Godliness"? Down here in the south it goes a little something like this, "Football is next to Godliness". I know what you are wondering.

Which one of us is for Alabama and which is for Auburn?


I am from the north, meaning I don't really care about football. I watched many a games of basketball or volleyball with my dad, but never a football game.

My husband is a Virginia Tech hokies fan. And to answer your question, "What is a Hokie?" That is something that comes up in conversation fairly often around here.

"Why would you want to go for a team that has a chicken for a mascot Stephen?"

"It's not a chicken!"

"Then maybe it's a turkey?"

"It's not a turkey either! It's a hokie!"

Okay. That explains it all. But just because I know Stephen will be reading this....maybe it is a "Turkin" or maybe a "Churkey"!!!

So where does House Divided come into play around here?

My older boys from my previous marriage are Die Hard Alabama fans. Why, you ask? Only because their dad is. They worship the ground he walks on and that is all I will say about that!

So, last night, the boys were picking up their things before we left for Bible class and Bryson was in their room with them. He picked up one of their Alabama hats and put it on his head. He then proceeded to walk casually out of their room.

And then it happened.

His dad saw him! "Get that off your head! We won't be havin' none uh that around here!"

Stephen took the Alabama hat off of Bryson, threw it back into their room, and explained to Bryson that he would get him a "good hat". He went and got him a hokies hat that was as big as he was and put it on his head. That just started all the bickering. So then Brayden started teaching Bryson how to say, "Roll Tide!" Poor little confused Bryson walked around the house with a hokies hat on hollering, "Whoa Ty!" Then he cried when we tried to take the hat off to leave for church. He wore it until we got there!

This one is my favorite. I love when he grins and sucks his thumb at the same time!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Children learn lessons from each other. Some are lessons we don't want them to learn. Bryson is learning things very quickly from his brothers. I just wish they were learning some things from him. He is getting very good at picking up his toys. Now, every once in a while when he is picking up he will get sidetracked and play with something instead of put it away. That is normal and I expect that.

Last night I took Bryson into the bathroom to take a bath. When he walked in there he saw one of Blaine's shoes in the floor. He pointed at it and jibbered something that I am not sure about. Of course, I agreed with whatever he jibbered and I told him that it was Blaine's and that Blaine needed to come and put it away. He then proceeded to pick up his brother's shoe, ran to Blaine's room with it and threw it in. He stopped at the doorway because the light was off. I don't think he is afraid of the dark. I think he is like us and afraid that he will trip and break his neck if entering "there" with no light. So I praised him for doing such a good job and clapped like I was real excited. Which I was. He ran back into the bathroom and put his finger up and said as plain as day, "Hold on." Then he ran into the living room because he knew the mate to the shoe was in there, picked it up and ran to Blaine's room again and gave it a good chunk! WOW! How cool is that?

Something else he is doing now that we find so funny is when you ask him a question he says, "" And he cuts his eyes like he is really trying to decide what to say.

"Bryson, do you have dirty pants?"

"I think you do."

His brothers get a kick out of that so they are always asking him questions.

I am also always having to remind them that he is their brother. Not their dog. They are always trying to get him to do tricks.

Yesterday I was bringing my things in from the car. I always leave Bryson in the car when I do this because he will get away. I was going back out to the car to get him and I could here Brayden laughing. Then I heard why.
Blaine was saying, "Bryson...if you say 'retard' I'll give you a cheeto! You can do it! Say 'retard'!"


"Good boy!"

I just about lost it.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm Still Alive

I know, I know! I haven't posted for over a week! Sorry. We have been out of town and too busy when we got back. The only reason I am able to post right now is because I am home from church with the baby who has the snottiest nose ever seen! I am hoping that if he naps well this afternoon I will be able to post and actually have some photos on here of our fall vacation! This maybe a long day. Bryson keeps asking where his daddy, brothers, and blue's clues are. Guess I will have to entertain this morning since Blaine is not here to do it! I will try to do a "real" post soon!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tacky Day

Brayden walked out of his room this morning with an Alabama t-shirt on with royal blue shorts. This is not an uncommon outfit for Brayden, so when he came out with this on, I was not at all surprised.

"Does this match?"



That was new. That was not the response I expected. I have never told him he looked bad and not had him stomp his feet, roll his eyes and huff back into his room.

"You want to look stupid on purpose?" (Said in my normal sarcastic tone of voice.)

"Yes! It is tacky day at school!"

Well...nobody told me this!! How fun is that? I can remember Homecoming week dressing up everyday and having so much fun. One year we dressed up like hicks because we were playing Huntland, TN and we thought they were a bunch of hicks. So, we all wore flannel shirts, overalls, painted freckles on our faces, and the best part....raisins in our cheeks to look like chew! So creative......

I said, "Brayden, you need me to tacky you up, boy!"

He was so excited. I started telling him different things he could do and he got the giggles and I was afraid he would wake the baby. Blaine came out of the bathroom, having missed the whole conversation, and looked at Brayden like he had lost his mind.

"It's tacky day, Blaine!" We said in unison.

He then in turn became excited and wanted me to help him pick out something to wear. I started picking out things he had to put together to look tacky. He gave me this horrified look.

"I'm not wearing that! That will look stupid!"

Hellooooo!!! Isn't that the point?



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