Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This Week

I have been home all this week from work. Brayden has had strep throat. It all started on Sunday. Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch with our church group and had a busy, fun, long day. I will hopefully post pictures later. I have enjoyed being home these last few days but I know the papers are piling up quickly at work. I have gotten a lot done at home. All the little things that I don't get to because I have not been home long enough to do it. And some things I didn't get to, but I am sure they aren't going anywhere. They never have before and the cleaning fairy still hasn't found my house. Stephen is staying home from church with Brayden tonight so I can go. I missed Sunday night so I guess you can say it is his turn.
I participated in a kids consignment sale this fall. This was my first time to do this. I had 161 items and made $270.50. I brought home about 25 things. I wasn't really sure how to price things because I have never shopped it either. I think I priced things on the low side but a lot of it has been through three boys so I felt kinda bad even asking money for the stuff! Of course, they don't let you bring things with stains, holes, missing buttons...those kinds of things. So it's not like they looked like they have been through three boys. I am looking forward to doing it again in the spring!
I have had a hard time sleeping the last week or so. There is just something about the cooler weather that makes me want to do craft stuff. I wake up a lot in the night and think of something new to do. If I feel anything is worth showing, I will post that, too.
We finally got Blaine's teacher's quilt delivered. Remember...the kindergarten teacher gift from an earlier post? I can post a picture of it now, too, except my camera is still in the car from the pumpkin patch. I can hear the boys fighting now as they do their homework so I guess Brayden is feeling much better. He has begged me the last 2 days to take him to school. He says school is funner than laying on the couch. That is something that would have never come out of my mouth. I can always find something to do that is funner than school!
I know this post is all over the place but I am trying to get it done quickly and have already been interrupted about 7 times. I need to get some more things done while the baby sleeps and before I have to leave. Hopefully I will have my camera close by for my next post!
Oh yeah! We found out Monday that our very good friends Reed and Bridget are having a baby boy! They moved to Texas a few months ago. They were our eating out card playing church buddies. I tried to be optimistic when they moved and told myself maybe I will lose my baby fat from #3 and my house will always be clean. You guys might as well come back at Alabama. It wasn't ya'll all along! We miss them a bunch and are gonna miss spoiling that baby boy. And the rate I have been getting quilts done lately, I better get started soon! I see a really long road trip in our future....


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