Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Children learn lessons from each other. Some are lessons we don't want them to learn. Bryson is learning things very quickly from his brothers. I just wish they were learning some things from him. He is getting very good at picking up his toys. Now, every once in a while when he is picking up he will get sidetracked and play with something instead of put it away. That is normal and I expect that.

Last night I took Bryson into the bathroom to take a bath. When he walked in there he saw one of Blaine's shoes in the floor. He pointed at it and jibbered something that I am not sure about. Of course, I agreed with whatever he jibbered and I told him that it was Blaine's and that Blaine needed to come and put it away. He then proceeded to pick up his brother's shoe, ran to Blaine's room with it and threw it in. He stopped at the doorway because the light was off. I don't think he is afraid of the dark. I think he is like us and afraid that he will trip and break his neck if entering "there" with no light. So I praised him for doing such a good job and clapped like I was real excited. Which I was. He ran back into the bathroom and put his finger up and said as plain as day, "Hold on." Then he ran into the living room because he knew the mate to the shoe was in there, picked it up and ran to Blaine's room again and gave it a good chunk! WOW! How cool is that?

Something else he is doing now that we find so funny is when you ask him a question he says, "Uuuuhhhhhmmmmmmm...no." And he cuts his eyes like he is really trying to decide what to say.

"Bryson, do you have dirty pants?"

"I think you do."

His brothers get a kick out of that so they are always asking him questions.

I am also always having to remind them that he is their brother. Not their dog. They are always trying to get him to do tricks.

Yesterday I was bringing my things in from the car. I always leave Bryson in the car when I do this because he will get away. I was going back out to the car to get him and I could here Brayden laughing. Then I heard why.
Blaine was saying, "Bryson...if you say 'retard' I'll give you a cheeto! You can do it! Say 'retard'!"


"Good boy!"

I just about lost it.


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