Thursday, October 16, 2008

House Divided

I always see people with car tags that say "House Divided", meaning the parents go for different football teams. And in this state I have learned that is a big deal. Football...that is. You have heard the saying, "Cleanliness is next to Godliness"? Down here in the south it goes a little something like this, "Football is next to Godliness". I know what you are wondering.

Which one of us is for Alabama and which is for Auburn?


I am from the north, meaning I don't really care about football. I watched many a games of basketball or volleyball with my dad, but never a football game.

My husband is a Virginia Tech hokies fan. And to answer your question, "What is a Hokie?" That is something that comes up in conversation fairly often around here.

"Why would you want to go for a team that has a chicken for a mascot Stephen?"

"It's not a chicken!"

"Then maybe it's a turkey?"

"It's not a turkey either! It's a hokie!"

Okay. That explains it all. But just because I know Stephen will be reading this....maybe it is a "Turkin" or maybe a "Churkey"!!!

So where does House Divided come into play around here?

My older boys from my previous marriage are Die Hard Alabama fans. Why, you ask? Only because their dad is. They worship the ground he walks on and that is all I will say about that!

So, last night, the boys were picking up their things before we left for Bible class and Bryson was in their room with them. He picked up one of their Alabama hats and put it on his head. He then proceeded to walk casually out of their room.

And then it happened.

His dad saw him! "Get that off your head! We won't be havin' none uh that around here!"

Stephen took the Alabama hat off of Bryson, threw it back into their room, and explained to Bryson that he would get him a "good hat". He went and got him a hokies hat that was as big as he was and put it on his head. That just started all the bickering. So then Brayden started teaching Bryson how to say, "Roll Tide!" Poor little confused Bryson walked around the house with a hokies hat on hollering, "Whoa Ty!" Then he cried when we tried to take the hat off to leave for church. He wore it until we got there!

This one is my favorite. I love when he grins and sucks his thumb at the same time!


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