Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tacky Day

Brayden walked out of his room this morning with an Alabama t-shirt on with royal blue shorts. This is not an uncommon outfit for Brayden, so when he came out with this on, I was not at all surprised.

"Does this match?"



That was new. That was not the response I expected. I have never told him he looked bad and not had him stomp his feet, roll his eyes and huff back into his room.

"You want to look stupid on purpose?" (Said in my normal sarcastic tone of voice.)

"Yes! It is tacky day at school!"

Well...nobody told me this!! How fun is that? I can remember Homecoming week dressing up everyday and having so much fun. One year we dressed up like hicks because we were playing Huntland, TN and we thought they were a bunch of hicks. So, we all wore flannel shirts, overalls, painted freckles on our faces, and the best part....raisins in our cheeks to look like chew! So creative......

I said, "Brayden, you need me to tacky you up, boy!"

He was so excited. I started telling him different things he could do and he got the giggles and I was afraid he would wake the baby. Blaine came out of the bathroom, having missed the whole conversation, and looked at Brayden like he had lost his mind.

"It's tacky day, Blaine!" We said in unison.

He then in turn became excited and wanted me to help him pick out something to wear. I started picking out things he had to put together to look tacky. He gave me this horrified look.

"I'm not wearing that! That will look stupid!"

Hellooooo!!! Isn't that the point?


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gabgirl said...

i LOVE this homecoming week stuff! :) FUN times....
see you tonight???


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