Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Hoot


Pictures of Halloween Hoot are showing above! Yay!

Last night at our church we had our Halloween Hoot after our services. We had a pumpkin carving contest, the fellowship hall was all decorated with pumpkins, spiders and ghosts, and the kids dressed up and collected candy. It was a great night and fun was had by all.

My boys were Alvin and the Chipmunks. They were all game for it until Blaine walked out and someone asked him if he was Fat Albert. That didn't go over well...but it did give me some good ideas for next year! We would ask Bryson who he was and he would say "T-doe". He also wanted to eat the very first piece of candy he was given and I very nicely explained to him that he needed to keep going and get mommy some good chocolate. favorite food group! That is a food group, right?

Brayden, Blaine and I all carved pumpkins to enter into the pumpkin carving contest and we all one a ribbon. But here is what I don't get. There were three 1st place ribbons given away and two 2nd place. How is that possible? Isn't first place...well...first place? I won a first place ribbon with my Sarah Palin pumpkin, Brayden won second with an Alabama "A", and Blaine won the other second with a creepy skull. We were really excited. Especially me. But I am just like that. Competition in artsy-fartsy-ness...I'm there. And those of you who also won a first place ribbon....I'll kick your butt big time next year, and you know who you are! haha! If all goes well I will have pictures with this post, too! And then you can see my rockalicious pumpkin with my cool paper first place ribbon!

Have you ever had a moment when your kid does or says something really stupid and you laugh your head off because it is so funny but they are not trying to be funny? And then you look at them and they have this horrible look on their face because you are obviously making fun of them even though you don't mean to? Well, tonight I was looking over Blaine's graded papers and I always try to go over them with them so they see their mistakes. All year long I have been preaching to Blaine that almost every one of his mistakes are because he is not paying attention to the directions. He will add a math problem that he is supposed to subtract. He won't add punctuation to sentences when that is the whole reason they are rewriting add punctuation. Tonight was the best one yet. This is what the problem was:

Make a compound word using the words "corn" and "pop".

Blaine's answer : under dog. (He didn't even make it a compound word!)

Bahahaha! It is scary how much he is like his mother!


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Joy said...

Hey Sara!
I somehow stumbled into your blog (I think from Vikki's). Anywho, your blog is hilarious--I've been laughing my head off!
:-) joy


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