Sunday, October 26, 2008

Short Stuff

How can someone that is too short to hold my hand when he walks, get toys into my washing machine? I was sitting in the chair in the living room last night and Bryson came running in doing his normal jibber jabber. I kept asking him what he was talking about. He kept yelling, "Ball! Ball!" I asked him if he threw it because he always throws balls across the kitchen floor. Everyday. All the time. So I asked him if he threw his ball in the kitchen. He shook his head yes. So I told him to go get it and he jibbered some more. Then a few minutes later I put him to bed. Then went to wash a load of clothes and in my washer I found a plastic bowl, a football and a leg that belongs to his Elmo K'nex. Must be that left handed pitch he has!

I guess he was telling me he threw his football into the washing machine and he couldn't get it!


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