Thursday, October 30, 2008


So insomnia strikes again. But that did give me time to fold some laundry and finally get my pictures on here. I attempted again last night and it still didn't work for me. I guess third times a charm.
Last night we got home from church just in time for the boys to see the last couple of pitches of the World Series. I don't get to tell much about Brayden on here....just because....well he doesn't say or do a whole lot at this stage in his life really worth repeating. Unless you want me to pass along to you shut up, can I play the Wii, or kick you. You know...fifth grade. But last night while they were watching the rest of the game one of the boys asked what a Philly was. I told them a horse. Now if that was their team mascot, I had no idea. I just answered the question.

Brayden looked at me and said, "Then why do they have a big green booger for a mascot?"

"Good question. I have no idea."

Don't know. Don't care.

Tuesday night I lost Bryson again. In the house. This happens fairly often, seeing how he enjoys hiding from me and laughs at me as I go screaming in panic throughout the house. When he does this I can see him in my mind choking on all the things his brothers leave out for him to play with, maybe a pencil in the eye, you know, all the things they are already supposed to have put away. Complete parental panic.

As I was calling his name I could hear him but I couldn't find him. I tried following his voice but he didn't talk long enough and not to mention all the noise of his brothers and the TV. Finally when I called out, "Where are you Bryson?" this was my response:

He repeated himself. Several times. Then I realized my bathroom door was shut. He has been going into rooms lately and closing the door but the poor kid is so short that he can't reach the doorknob to get back out. So I slowly opened the door, as he is always standing close to it trying to get back out. The door slammed in my face as he yelled at me for intruding. I tried it again. Slam.
I waited a second and tried to listen to see what in the world he was up to. This time when I opened the door I found out. He was standing in front of the toilet taking his diaper off and screaming at the top of his lungs, "I go PEEEE!"

Well...let's break out the little potty then!

That ended up backfiring and being a really bad idea. But I did it. And seeing how little ones like him already know they have an audience of big brothers, it didn't go over well. For me anyway. I pulled the potty out. He sat down. He giggled. He walked around it. He took it apart. He got inside of it and got his feet stuck. It fell over with him still stuck in it. I picked him up, put it all back together and sat him back on it correctly. He then figured out that when he leaned back against the lid it was like a recliner so he sat there naked as a jaybird "reclining" in his new lay-z-boy with his "stuff" pointing everywhere but the potty. All of this with his audience giggling. Except for me, of course. Because the "stuff" was pointing my way. Keep in mind, while all this is going on he is still screaming his new favorite phrase of "I go PEEE!". By this point he was as aggravated at me for correcting how he was sitting as I was with him for not pointing in the right direction. He stands up, walks around the potty chair, holds it and aims, all while making all the sound affects of someone using the potty. "PPSSSTTTT! PPPSSSTTTT!" Then he walked off, squatted, and peed in the floor. I quickly grabbed him and placed him back on the potty as he screamed at me for interrupting. He even stopped going to yell at me. He went right back to the same spot and finished.
I thought maybe he could just sit on it with his diaper on, to kinda get used to the feeling of it, ya know? NO. That didn't work either. I hid the potty after he went to bed. The next morning I took him to my parents and I told him to tell Grandma what he had done that night. He patted the front of hid diaper and said very quietly, "I go pee."
I bribed him with ice cream that night to get him to put his diaper back on. He was happy staying naked, but by this point I didn't trust him. Open Season was on and we watched the end as we ate ice cream. He pointed to the TV and said, "Dog!" I corrected him and told him it was a bear and a deer. Blaine looks at me like that was the craziest thing I could have ever said.
"That's not a deer! It's a cantaloupe!"

Oh. My bad. I stand corrected.

The look on Brayden's face was priceless.


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