Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Finally Finished!

When my oldest was in Kindergarten I decided every year for a teacher gift I would make his teacher a quilt. So I made his teacher one in her favorite color, purple. It turned out really cute and he gave it to her the day he graduated. We have the cutest picture with him posing by her and her quilt. He was as proud of that quilt as I was.
Then he went to first grade and that year several of my friends had babies. They don't just hope they get one of my quilts, they come up and tell me what color they want it to be. So then I decided I would just make quilts for the Kindergarten teachers. After all, they are special in the fact that they take our babies that first year away from us and love them like we would if we were there. So Blaine started Kindergarten and I was 2 months pregnant with Bryson. Of course, I was too tired to start one. And then Thanksgiving and Christmas came along. Then I started nesting and painted 3 rooms in my house. I can make a quilt on maternity leave can't I? Well...I didn't anticipate all the laundry that would come with only one more person. Then baseball started. It seems like he has been at the ball field since he was 3 weeks old. Then graduation day came along. We gave his teacher her quilt...basted together...and then took it back. I told her it was just a preview. I couldn't let her think that she wasn't getting one, could I? Everyone was jealous of Brayden's teacher gift. All the teachers were saying they were going to pick my kids to be in their class so they could get one too!
I explained to Blaine why I didn't get it finished and I would have his teacher's quilt finished by the time school started in the fall.
Then Blaine was promoted to the second grade. Still no teacher quilt for his wonderful Kindergarten teacher.
Last night I finally finished the last of the binding. It really didn't take me long to quilt and finish it. Just finding the time to sit down and get it done was the hard part. I can't do it with Bryson awake. He gets into my stuff and gets mad when I won't let him touch my sewing things. And then the fact that he naps at my mom's house while I am at work and doesn't nap at home unless I am off or it is the weekend. Then there is the house work and laundry then. So I ended up getting a bigger washer and dryer last month and it has cut down on how many loads I have to do each day and it has helped free up some time for sewing! So I washed and dried the quilt this morning. Then I picked the boys up at school and drove around to the front of the building. I got all three of the boys out of the van and went inside for the big reveal! She was out today because one of her children was at home sick. Disappointment once again for poor little Blaine. I told him we would try again on Monday. That would give me time to get a card and gift bag. If we are going to give a gift 2 years late we should at least wrap it, right? Then maybe I can put a picture here of it and you all can see it!
Bryson will be starting kindergarten in about 5 years. I guess I should get started on his teacher quilt now!


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