Thursday, September 25, 2008

How Is He Related?

Divorce is hard on kids. Even after seven years. Some things you think they would just understand without explaining and they don't. And then the things you think you need to explain you get eyes rolled at you.
Although we live somewhat close to my children's school, we still have time for some odd conversations on the way. Yesterday, out of the blue, Blaine asked me, "How is Camden related to Bryson again?" Camden being his Dad's new baby with his wife, Bryson being my son with my second husband and "again" being Blaine asking me something he obviously thinks he has already asked.
My answer?

"He's not."

"Yes he is!"

"NO...he is not!"

Apparently Blaine didn't like my answer because he argued with me all the way through the car rider line. He proceeded to explain to me that he had to be related to him because Bryson was his brother and so is Camden. I explained how they are both half brothers to him, but not to each other. He asked me if they would be close like Brayden and him are. I explained probably not. He didn't like that answer either. He wanted to know if they would be friends. I told him I didn't think so. What about at school?

He just isn't getting it is he?

He wanted to know what Bryson would call Camden. I explained that he would probably call him Camden. Like everyone else.

Finally, we were getting close to the end of the car rider line and it was almost time for them to get out. I hated for him to get out with such a big question on his mind. It doesn't take much to keep him from concentrating and I didn't want him to worry about it all day long. And obviously it doesn't take much to pacify him. Here I was trying to explain how they were related and I guess I was giving him too long an answer. All I really needed to do was give him the shortest answer possible.

So I told him that Bryson and Camden are ex-step-brother-in-laws. Brayden was in the front seat next to me and I could feel him looking at me with a strange look on his face. And just as he was about to ask what in the world I was talking about Blaine says, "OH! That makes sense!" Then grabs his book bag and jumps out of the car. I told Brayden, "Just go along with it."

He smiled and tried not to laugh as he agreed to go along with my answer.


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Deanna said...

I read this blog and could totally relate!! My step son asks me all the time how my daughter is related to his mom or his other 1/2 sister. It is just so confusing for kids. Its good to know that someone else out there has these same conversations!
By the way....This is Shannon's sister.....


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