Thursday, January 29, 2009

Man...he likes to clean

Bryson likes to eat things like pretzels, dry cereal, goldfish know...the little things they can munch on while watching TV. He is always dragging things out of the cabinets and asking me to put it in a bowl. So I do...just a little so he doesn't ruin his next meal. Then the next thing out of my mouth is, "Be careful. Don't spill it in the floor." He always tells me, "Tay", and within what seems to be only moments later I hear, "OOHH MMAANNN!"

This is when I always walk in to find he has knocked off his bowl and it is all over the floor in from of the TV. He has always seemed very distraught over having made a mess. Then he tries to pick up what is left, eating some as he goes. Yes my kid eats off the floor sometimes. Then of course, he tries to be a helper and gets out his handy dandy little red dirt devil to vacuum up what is left.

Well....the other day he had gotten out an almost full package of goldfish. I had just gotten the boys from school and had unloaded everybody. Everyone was obviously grabbing their own snacks by this point. I went and hung up my coat in the hall closet to turn around and see what he has been doing this whole time! He had the goldfish bad upside down shaking vigorously, making sure to get out every crumb! I stood in awe and watched to see what he would do next. This is how it went.



Picked up a little.

Told me we needed to clean and then proceeded to run over it and smoosh it into little bitty pieces as he ran over it with his dirt devil.

He has been doing this on purpose so I would get out the real vacuum and vacuum with him. What can I say.....I am a slow learner. I hope he finds vacuuming this exciting as he gets older.



gabgirl said...

the "oh man" part (as he smiled at you) was absolutely hysterical!!
p.s. you just "thought" blaine was your little stinker, huh!?

That Girl in Brazil said...

I never know whether to be glad or sad that they're smarter than we think they are.


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