Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Clever Little Boy

Bryson woke up in the middle of the night a few weeks ago and I ended up putting him in bed with us. Which I don't normally do...I don't like little ones in my bed. I am always afraid of starting a bad habit and we all know how hard bad habits are to break.

Anyway....the next night when I told Bryson it was time to go to bed, he grabbed his blanket and tissue and took of running down the hall. He has gotten bad about hiding from me in my closet so I assumed that is where he was headed. I followed in hot pursuit only to see him quickly climbing into my bed. I explained nicely that was not the bed I was talking about. He pretended to be asleep. I asked him whose bed he was in.


He patted the pillow as he said his name again as if to convince me that the middle pillow in our bed was just for him. (We sleep with three pillows so we don't have to fight over the pillow crack...we each have our own!)

I explained again nicely that he was wrong. Then I offered to put a pillow in his bed with a neat baseball pillowcase on it. He liked that idea so I went and found and extra pillow, put the fun baseball pillow case on it and took it in to show him. Of course, I am using my very fake "I'm excited" voice hoping to rub off on him some of the excitement about having his very own pillow.

"OOHHHH!", was his response. I'm thinking to myself now, "Man, I'm good."

He then takes his dad's pillow and throws it in the floor and pats the bed on daddy's side...right where he wants his new pillow with a cool baseball pillow case.

Clever little boy.

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the rambler said...

smart cookie! they learn fast to be cute and manipulative! ;)


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