Thursday, August 4, 2011

Conversations With Bryson

This week we have started getting the kids to bed earlier to try to get them on their school schedule. Especially Bryson, who starts pre-k Monday and is a night owl. The first couple of days went well. Then we got home last night from church a little later than I wanted to. So, of course, he needed a snack. He didn't eat supper very well because he had eaten a later lunch. I got him a granola bar and he was piddling around eating it. I reminded him he had to get to bed so when he gets up for school next week he will be nice and have lots of fun.

He looks at me and says, "Ya know, I AM pretty cute."

I had to agree that he is pretty cute. But I also told him when he is tired, grumpy and whines like a baby, he isn't as cute, so he needed to go to bed. He agreed and headed that way! He is very excited about school! I hope he is still excited after the first week of getting up early.

1 comment:

nat said...

I agree too - he is a cutie! Hope he enjoyes school this year!


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