Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Stash #1

I follow a blog of a lady that makes some of the coolest quilts I have ever seen. Her blog is called Red Pepper Quilts and she is in Melbourne, Australia. Each Sunday she does a blog post called Sunday Stash and shows the fabrics she has just received in the mail. I drool over her blog! She uses fabrics I would never have thought to use and uses them in ways I would have never thought of either! Each quilt she has posted is beautiful, to say the least. So I have decided to totally copy her and do a Sunday Stash post on Sundays. Mine won't be as frequent as hers are, as I don't go through the volume of fabric she does. But I thought it would be something fun and different.

The car fabrics with the coordinating dot fabric is from a line called Monkey's Bizness, designed for Alexander Henry. This has been one of my favorite boy fabrics so far. The first time I bought it I bought the bottom two and only got a 1/2 yard of each. Big Mistake! I have had a lot of requests for crayon rolls in that fabric. I was able to make 3 out of what I had purchased and when I went back to get more, they had sold out. I was having to tell people left and right that I couldn't get it anymore....even from other Etsy shops that sell fabric! Then the fabric site I buy from the most restocked it and it was on sale! Woo hoo! So I bought a yard of each of those plus the green. I was afraid if I bought more I would jinx myself and they wouldn't sell.

The fruit fabrics are from a line called Fruit Punch. I thought they would be cute as bibs and maybe some coordinating burp clothes? I haven't cut into them yet, so we shall see. I already had some of the strawberry print and made a crayon roll with a green and pink polka dot pocket. It turned out cute and has already sold. I need to make another one!

My sewing room was sheet rocked yesterday and next week we will have the guy who is finishing it here each day working on the finishing. Then maybe by next weekend I can paint! I had to box up all my sewing supplies (again!) and now it is in the boys' room. They aren't here this weekend and boy are they going to be surprised when they get home :) It won't be for long, though.

Everyone have a great Sunday afternoon!


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nat said...

Love that car fabirc. Very cute!


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