Sunday, January 4, 2009

"I Ride da Choo Choo!"

This morning in church, the girls that sit behind us were getting their money out and ready for the church contribution. Bryson has learned what money is, or should I say some things he can get with it. He knows at Dairy Queen he can put it in the St. Jude thing and watch it go "roun' n roun' n roun' ". He knows when we go to the mall he can put money in and ride the "coo bus".

This morning in church when he saw the others getting their money ready, he said, "OOOHHHH! Money! I ride da choo choo!" I asked him if he would like some money to put in the contribution plate. Of course, he had no idea what I was talking about so he said, "Yeah!" I gave him a quarter and gave some to his brothers. I whispered in his ear that he couldn't keep it and to put it in the plate when it came. I told Brayden and Blaine to put their money in where Bryson could see what to do, in fear that he would scream to keep it. The contribution plate came to our pew, Blaine put in his, Bryson put in his, and then Brayden. Wow. I was surprised. He did it with no problem. The plate even came back down the row in front of him and he just watched.

Then he looks at me and says, "Where's da choo choo?"


Joy said...

How cute! You take that boy to the mall & let him ride the choo choo, the coo bus, whatever he wants!

gabgirl said...

"coo bus" just melts my heart!
have i mentioned that i've got a bad case of coulda-woulda-shoulda in the baby department?!?!?

it'll pass...but you two are KILLING ME, in the meantime!! :)


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