Friday, April 24, 2009

Black Mustang GT

When I was younger my momma always told me when I left the house, "Someone is always watching you. If it's not Sarge Marge, it's God. Behave yourself." She had this way of cutting her eyes at me when she said it and I knew she meant business.

On my way home yesterday I passed a guy in a black Mustang GT. This saying of my momma is all I could think of when I saw what he did while he was driving. Yes he was driving, so he was old enough to know better. This guy, who looked like he was in his twenties, sneezed real big three times. After each sneeze, he wiped his nose from his wrist ALL THE WAY TO HIS ELBOW! No joke. I thought I was gonna hurl. His windows weren't tinted. Maybe they were and he just forgot that he had rolled them down. Maybe he just doesn't care. Maybe he wants to stay single the rest of his life.

To the dude in the black Mustang GT:

If you should just happen to be reading my blog, which I am sure you are not doing, I saw you yesterday. And it was gross. I hope you took a shower when you got home. A long, hot shower.


1 comment:

the rambler said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That is hilarious...and GROSS! ;)


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