Friday, July 3, 2009

Hello Poison Control? It's Me Again....

I was excited yesterday when I crawled out of bed. Brayden and Blaine were coming home. I hadn't seen them since Sunday and I talked to them twice on the phone but they were obviously too busy to talk much.

Brayden..."We're playing baseball Mom."

Me..."Oh! That sounds like fun!"

Brayden..." is. But we had to stop because you called."

Me..."Oh. Well excuse me! Who all is playing?"

He named his brother and two other kids from the neighborhood. It was one of the cooler days this week...only in the low 90's.

He repeats, "Yeah....we had to stop mom because you called and they are all staring at me."

I reply, "Tell them they should be thanking me for the water break."

So I was excited to see them when they came home yesterday. Although I always remind them to call home, they only do during baseball season when someone forgets their jock strap or cup! They walked in the door and I asked them if they had eaten. They told me they had so I told them to get in the car. I had to go print some stuff at work to work on at home. I was trying to get their and finished before the store opened because Bryson seems to think that the store guys should always play football with him with one of the blue and white floatie things that go across the ropes to divide the shallow end from the deep. They did okay...considering the store opened before I was finished. And there are stashes of candy everywhere in the store.

We returned home about an hour later. I had lots of things I wanted to get done yesterday. Then as I was standing in the kitchen getting started, they ask the famous question. "What are we gonna do today?"

" need to unpack all your clothes so I can start washing to send it all back. And if whoever put clean clothes from your dad's house in the dirty clothes last week gets the hankerin' to do it again you will be in big trouble! I could smell the different detergent. I don't wash for fun you know. Four loads need to be washed, I am done with all the science experiments in the fridge and they need to be disposed of, the kitchen table went AWOL awhile back and I would like to find it today, the beds need to be made...did I forget anything?"

I turn around to see blank stares from Brayden and Blaine as Bryson runs squealing around the kitchen hollaring "clean clean" and pushing around his vacuum like he is all hyped up on Mountain Dew. I tell them to get started because we were going to IHOP for lunch with my parents before they fly out for Canada. They run off excitedly to get started unpacking. I guess that was what they were wanting to hear....not all the work I was hoping to get done.

We got to a stopping point and went and sugared the kids up on pancakes and Coke. Coke? Who in the world drinks coke with pancakes? And why does the waiter keep bringing refills? He must not have children. Atleast Bryson had chocolate milk but I'm not sure that is any better. Then our boss called to tell us that she was bringing big, huge cupcakes by the store for Stephen's birthday this week. Okay...they really need this don't they? Bryson fell asleep on the way back to work so I told the boys to hurry up and bring a cupcake with them so I could put him in his bed. Somehow they set off the car alarm and woke him up so that was the end of that. And let me just add here....the more sleep deprived this child is the more energy he seems to have and the more violent he becomes. Not a good thing.

We get home and by this point everyone was fighting. Brayden and Blaine were at each other's necks and Bryson was just feeding off of it. By this point it was the hottest part of the day so I preferred them staying inside. They were going to a birthday party and riding in a limo to see Transformers at 8:45 which means I would have preferred that they lay down and rest for awhile. Blaine slept in the car and then went to my bed to watch TV when we got home. Brayden watched TV in the living room. Bryson went back and forth bugging everyone and throwing things at them. I warned the two older ones that they could stay home from the party and go to bed early if they needed to.

To make a really long story a little shorter, Bryson ended up sitting in his bed 3 different times for being ugly. Blaine had to use an ice pack on his head and then his face 2 different times. Then they all ended up in my bed quietly watching TV. Wow. I should have sent them all back there earlier! Don't get excited. It didn't last long.

"MOM! Bryson is eating your lotion!!!"

I run back to my room to find his face and both hands covered with peppermint foot lotion. I am sure he was unpleasantly surprised to find out that it doesn't taste as good as it smells. I grabbed him and wiped his hands and mouth. Then I had him rinse his mouth with water...all while Brayden is reading the back of the bottle for me to see what the warnings are. "It doesn't say mom" as he lays the bottle down and walks off.

What?!? It has to say something! I grabbed it and started reading. It said nothing but 100 percent natural. Then I started reading the ingredients. I got to Borax and thought maybe I should call Poison Control just in case. That is when another fight broke out and I just about lost it when I couldn't hear on the phone. I put it to them straight. Real straight.
"Your brother just ate something that might kill him or possibly send him to the emergency room and all you two can do is fight while I am trying to hear the lady at Poison Control talking to me?" That shut them up.

The lady started asking me questions. How much did he eat? My first thought was to tell her that I had not measured it out before he ate it. Then I told myself that just because I had a bad day did not mean she had to be the dog to get kicked. So I answered the questions to the best of my ability considering I didn't even see the incident. She asks my name, his, our phone number and some more questions. I start answering her and then I just finished up with, "Don't worry we're in the system. He ate flowers out of the yard last summer". She laughed and said that happens a lot. She was still being nice so now I am thinking that was good....she's not calling DHR on me to get the kids taken away. She informs me that even though it says 100 percent natural doesn't mean that it can't harm him. She was worried about the menthol and peppermint extract because it could cause blistering in his mouth and throat. She tells me to give him water, juice or Gatorade. No milk or sodas. That wouldn't be a problem. She told me she would vall back in an hour to check on him. He really likes Gatorade so I gave him some. He threw it back at me and told me he didn't want it. In fact, he didn't seem too thirsty anymore for anything. He ended up going to sleep and I watched him closely. Poison Control called back two times to check on him. He ended up being just fine.

Needless to say, I was eager to get them to their party and get home so I could go to bed and get the day over with. We had talked about taking them hiking today. Not sure if we still are but hopefully today will be much better than yesterday. And those papers that I had to print to work on yesterday? Didn't even touch them. Table is still missing and laundry is still dirty. But I did get the fridge cleaned out. And me and Bryson picked a 5 gallon bucket of corn, 8 cucumbers, and a bowl of blueberries.

It was nice to be in the quiet garden as the sun went down last night. I hope you all have a happy 4th and stay safe!


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