Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Getting To Know You

Blaine brought home his graded papers yesterday and in that stack of papers was a "getting to know you" type of letter that each child wrote to their teacher. I thought I would share it with you here so you can see how sweet he really is. He does have his moments, but he is a sweet boy! It was addressed to his teacher, but I will be leaving out her name, for safety's sake, I guess. I will try to write it here as he did on his paper. I will translate if the need be. Here it goes:

first I want to tell you my favorite sport. I I know a lot of kids will say o i'm so good at evrey thing i'm not one of those kids. I don't brag. ok back to what we were talking about. It's swiming it is super fun. right now Im working on my font flip. my favrite food is chineese food My favrite color is well red, Black and silver not like seprate like ya now like on a football hellmat. My best friend's are Jillian, Morgan, tate, wily, cranm. (That is Graham.) My fimily is silly my mom funny, nice and every other thing good you could ever think of.

your best friend, Blaine

She must have told them to write a page because when he got to the last line, he was finished and signed his name. His teacher has her work cut out for her with the spelling and punctuation, doesn't she?



joy said...

That Blaine is too cute =) I love a humble child...there sure aren't very many of those around!!!

kara said...

That was absolutely precious from start to finish. He is such a sweet boy!! Were you about to bawl when he wrote the part about his mom being "everything good that you can think of?" I'm betting that letter goes in the "keep" folder! :)

Kiwi said...

Blaine is a heart breaker in every sense of the word! I am such a FAN of the Blainester!

Terra said...

Awwww...I love reading things like this that Livvy brings home. Kids always seem to write the way they would talk and it cracks me up!

gabgirl said...

you've got three very precious boys....you're a blessed woman. :)
i am with kara~lovin' that mom is everything good you can think of!


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