Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Missed Me?

Sorry I have been gone so long (just in case someone out there has missed me) but I have been really busy. I am going to try to do a run through of some of the things I have been up to since last time, but I am sure I will forget something.

Starting Thanksgiving day, I have read the entire Twilight series. And I could read it again, it was so good!

I have sewn seven little crayon holders for my Bible class kiddos without a pattern. Next year someone please remind me when I tell them I am going to do something like this, that I am NOT Martha Stewart. It got a little hairy there for a few days. I ruined the first two, number 3 wasn't as perfect as I would have liked, and the rest weren't flawless, but they had to do or the gift giving wasn't going to happen before Christmas. I have to just keep telling myself that the little ones won't notice. I was going to take pictures to post on here but was in such a hurry getting them finished that I forgot. I had someone ask me to make them one, so hopefully I will remember to take a photo of that one when it is done.

We chaperoned a Jr./Sr. High weekend retreat in Gatlinburg one weekend. It was lots of fun and Blaine and Bryson got to go, too, so we didn't miss any time together. That ended up being the only weekend from the weekend before Thanksgiving until after the kids go back to school that we had together so I was really glad we all got to go. It was the weekend that we would have been able to have a birthday party for Brayden so I baked 2 ooey gooey butter cakes, smuggled them onto the church bus, and surprised him and all the other kids after dinner on Saturday night. We had candles and sang Happy Birthday and everything. That was fun! And the best part was I didn't have to plan a birthday party!

I finished one of my twelve turkey place mats and have a few more pinned together to finish but I am just not feeling the turkiness with my Christmas tree in my living room.

The best news:

WE HAVE POOP IN THE POTTY!!!! As of today, Bryson has decided he doesn't need to wait until he is four, as previously announced to the family, to poop in the potty. Since this summer every time he tells me he needs to go I ask him if he wants to go in the potty and he tells me he can't yet because he isn't four and that he needs a pull-up. He then proceeds to strip naked and bring me the pull-up. So today Stephen replaced both of our toilet seats. They are the kind that close by themselves so the kids can't slam their fingers. While I was helping Stephen take down the baby bed (I'll get to that one in a minute) Bryson starts screaming for help. I made sure nothing was going to fall on Stephen's head, then jumped up to see what was wrong. He was naked again (big surprise) and was trying to get on the toilet yelling, "Oh! Oh! I'm gonna fall in!" So I helped him up and kept him from falling in, because that can happen....trust me....and he giggled and pooped all at the same time. He was so excited, he has tried about seven times tonight. I had to explain to him if you have to strain that hard that he probably was finished. Then he explained to me that he was trying to get out the peanut butter cracker that he was still chewing.

And yes, he is asleep in his big boy bed as I type!! He got out about 30 seconds after I turned off his light, so Stephen went in and laid down with him and he went right to sleep. So we will see how long it lasts. Hopefully he will sleep all night.

It is good to catch up with you all again. I can't wait to start reading about what everyone has been doing the last month!



Pokey said...

Great accomplishments in your last month- that's commendable!

Candy said...

Uh yeah we missed you! And hooray for poop in the potty. Everytime I change a nasty Silas diaper I feel for you :)

We are taking down Silas' crib Friday and making his a toddler bed. Wish us luck.

nat said...

Welcome back! If I hadn't seen you at church I would wonder if you were alive or not. Glad you got to read the Twilight books! They are awesome!


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