Saturday, January 23, 2010


Well, this is what happened "in our neck of the woods", as Al Roker would put it on the Today Show.

This photo was sent to me by a friend and was taken about 5 miles from our house.

This one was taken on our street from someone's front porch.

Stephen was home with Bryson and watched it go over our house. I knew the weather was supposed to be bad that day but didn't know how bad it was at the time because I was across town. The sirens started going off and I called Stephen to see where the tornado was and he told me it had just touched down and was headed towards our house. He looked out and saw it in the sky. They were taking cover. He said it pretty much freaked him out. We didn't have any damage at our house but there was some damage downtown. It was only ranked an F2, which is considered small. It just hopped and skipped across town and was gone in no time. We did see a car this afternoon on the way to a birthday party that was crushed from a falling tree but didn't see anything else. I guess it has all been cleaned up already. No deaths were reported, just minor injuries. After being here through some rough tornadoes we realize how it could have turned out really bad.


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Terra said...

We saw this on the news & just said the other night that we hoped you guys were ok & hadn't had any damage. Glad to know it skipped your house & you all are safe.


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