Thursday, February 11, 2010


Today I had to take a detour on the way to work and saw things that I wouldn't normally see. I thought I would share them with you here. The first thing I saw was a sign at a church.

It read:

"Work like you are going to live 100 more years and pray like you are going to die tomorrow."

I liked that.

Then I drove on and saw prisoners picking up trash along the sides of the road. I then noticed they were in the ditch of a Guns & Ammo store. I thought that was a little unsettling seeing how this was within walking distance of my workplace. Then I decided that if they tried to rob the place they would probably get shot down so it was all okay.

On my way home as I was passing the sign at the local tattoo parlor with the sign that reads, "Tattoos in rear", I saw a maroon Chrysler Dynasty from the late 80's or early 90's (that part is just an uneducated guess) with hydraulics. I couldn't help but laugh. Why would someone want to put hydraulics on a car like that? Who am I kidding? Why would someone want to put hydraulics on any car?

I made up a stew for supper on Tuesday because what I was going to make fell through. Fell through as in I asked Stephen if he got potatoes at the grocery store and he told me he did. What he didn't tell me was he was talking about the grocery trip the time before and I had already thrown those out because we got home and they were rotten.

So I opened up the cabinet and said to myself, "Hmmmm......wonder what I can throw together and call it dinner?"
To that Brayden responded, "Great. This is going to be so gross."

It ended up being really good. My point is I am going to have a recipe to post next week! Yay for me!



Candy said...

And Yay for randomness. I like posts like these!

nat said...

It's funny what we notice sometimes. Girls usually notice more things than guys. Tony and I can drive by the same sign every day and I will notice the day it changes and he may notice a month later.


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