Friday, May 28, 2010


Well, now that I have a chance to update my blog, the baseball season is coming to an end. Blaine is finished and Brayden has only county tournament left. But Brayden hit his first over the fence home run last night to tie up the game! Woo Hoo! Riley also hit one over the fence and Colton hit one to the fence! Here are some pictures from his big moment.

Warming up
Not that one....
Here it goes!

I tried to get a shot when he came home but I couldn't get my camera out and turned on fast enough! I kept having to hide it from Bryson because he wouldn't leave it alone. Brayden had the biggest smile ever when he ran the bases!

Here is Riley's home run. He refused to smile running the bases after his home run which was pretty funny because he was fighting it hard! Smiley Riley!
The team meeting Riley at home plate!

Stanton the lefty

Colton getting ready for his home run!

There is Blaine getting in the way...

Look at those big grins!
Riley, Stanton and Brayden. Blaine wanted in that one, too, but they told him no. Can you see him?

Bryson and his buddy Stanton

This one is my favorite! I couldn't hear what they were saying but I can only imagine!
Blaine: "Can I hold it?"
Brayden: "No."

Blaine: "Can I just see it?"
Brayden: "No."

Bryson: "Cheeeeese!"


Kiwi said...

Awesome pics! I am so happy for Brayden.....GO #17!! WooopWooop! I've really missed you in the blogging world! It's my only way to keep up with you..... you crazy, busy friend o' mine!

one BleSSed gal! said...

Looks like your boys have had great seasons! It's been great to see you & your little kissing bandit :)

nat said...

Welcome back, friend! Glad to know you remember what blogging is! Congrats to Brayden on his homerun!


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