Monday, September 27, 2010


I am always telling stories about what Bryson does on here, and sometimes Blaine. I guess it is because Brayden is older, and he does do some pretty stupid stuff, but it always isn't something to write home about. He did something this morning that reminded me of something else that happened this summer that I wanted to put on here but never got around to it. Then I forgot. It needs to be on here so I can remind him when he is older why Bryson can't stand him. Just kidding. He cries for him when he goes to his dad's, even though he bugs the stew out of him!

Back about a week before school started back, we were coming back from visiting Reed and Bridget in Cullman. We met half way and ate at Cracker Barrel when they came home to visit her family. Brayden was in the front seat, Bryson was in the middle in his car seat, and Blaine was in the back passed out asleep. Now, having a van and them being spread out like this, you would think there would be a little more peace and quiet, but of course not. Here is how the conversation went:

Brayden: "Bryson...your a girl."

Bryson: "Moommmm! Brayden called me a girl!!"

Brayden: laughing to himself..."Naw, I'm just kidding Bryson. You just LOOK like a girl."

Bryson: "Moooommmm! Brayden says I jus' look like a grill!!!" (This is how Bryson says girl.)

Me: Trying not to laugh..."Brayden stop aggravating him."

Brayden: "Sorry Bryson. I was just kidding. You don't look like a girl. You're a booty."

Bryson: "Moooommmm! Brayden called me a booty!"

Me: "Stop calling him a booty. And stop aggravating him before I wet my pants! Bryson, just tell Brayden he looks like a girl." (Cause if you're gonna fight, you gotta fight fair, right?)

Bryson: " look like a grill!"

Brayden: "No, you do!"

Bryson: "Mooommmm! Brayden called me do!!!"

Me: Laughing so hard now I am afraid I will wreck the van, "Brayden called you a you do?"

Bryson: "Yeah!"

This went on for 30 minutes, because that is how long it took for us to get home from where I dropped off Stephen to get his truck. By the time we got home me and Brayden had laughed so hard I was hurting and poor little Blaine slept through everything!

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