Thursday, December 16, 2010

Conversations With Bryson

This is the conversation I had with Bryson this morning:

Bryson: Can Pop and Gran come today and take care of me? Just for a little bit?

Me: Well, they can't today. They are at school, remember?

Bryson: Awwwwe! Well, then....can JaneClaire come over and play?

Me: Not today buddy. She is at school, too.

Bryson: Awwwe man! Ever'body is at school but ME!"

Let's hope he keeps up the enthusiasm when he does get to go to school!



Candy said...

haha...aww! I'm sure JaneClaire would have loved to come and play with him! When does he start preschool?

nat said...

Ha! I love these posts everyone writes about their kids. They cracke me up. Hopefully he will be this excited when he does start school.


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