Saturday, February 19, 2011

Conversations With Bryson

I know it seems like I never post here anymore (because I hardly do) and when I do post, they are conversations with Bryson. But seriously, that is about all the excitement going on around here right now. Well, except for the addition and I will tell a little bit about that soon.

One day last week when I had on my flip flops.....

Me: "Get off my toe, get off my toe, get off my toe!!!!!"

Bryson: "Oh. Sorry. I thought that was a mosquito."


Me: "And how many times have you stepped on a mosquito and it screams?


Another night last week when it was time for bed....

Bryson: "When I grow up, call me Bert, otay?"

Me: "BERT? You want to be called Bert when you grow up?

Bryson: "Yeah.

Me: "Like, how grown up do you need to be before we should start calling you this?

Bryson: "Ummm......15."

Me: "Okay. Bert it is. When you turn 15."

1 comment:

nat said...

I love these. You should post them more often. They crack me up!


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