Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm Happy!

Boys and girls.....we have a zipper. It only took one time to make it! If you don't count the fact that my first time cutting I cut the fabric too short so I had to re-cut fabric. (I'll explain that in a minute.) The corners at the zipper look kinda wonky to me, but it will do for what I am wanting it for. Apparently all the dreaming I did about putting in a zipper counts for practice.

My first mistake (even before the mistake I made when I cut the fabric) was I picked a directional fabric. Everything turned out correctly, but I think it was pure luck. My flowers are growing up on both sides :)

Let me explain my fabric cutting mistake. I googled how to make this zipper pouch and I used 2 tutorials combined to make this. Some things in one would make sense and some things in the other, so I combined them. When I didn't understand one, I would go to the other. So they both said to cut the fabric the same as the zipper length. I bought a 7" zipper and cut my fabric 7". Easy peasy, right. NO. I finally figured out that the zipping part of the zipper is 7" and the actual zipper length was 8 1/4". I even read all the comments on both tutorials and no one thought that was a problem. So I guess it was me. And I know you are not surprised. But, I did cut the fabric then open the zipper package.....I guess I would have noticed it by just looking if I had opened the zipper first.

So anyway, I have had several people ask me for these through my Etsy site, but I think I will make a few more for practice before I start selling them. Unfortunately I only bought one zipper so I will have to shop before I can make another. If I had bought more than one it wouldn't have worked out and I would have wished I had not wasted my money on a bunch of zippers. You know how that goes!


Rose in Bloom said...

Yay! I need to order one to match Taylor's tissue cover! You can practice on hers if you want! ;)

nat said...

Looks cute! I apprently haven't stopped by here in a few days! I'm going to check out your new pouches.


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