Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Costume Idea

Brayden has been wearing this bandanna on his head off and on since he got it at a youth activity last Saturday. When he came home I told him he looked like Ralph Macchio.

"Who is Ralph Macchio?" he asked.

"Ralph Macchio is THE Karate Kid." I explained.

"And that would be an awesome Halloween Costume for you next Halloween!"

We will see if that sticks.

Photography by Aunt Aimee. I stole it from her blog :)


nat said...

Um, yes, Ralph Macchio is THE Karate Kid and I used to be so in love with him - awesome Halloween idea!

Rose in Bloom said...

That would be a GREAT costume for him! Has he seen the movie? Jonathan and I watched the ORIGINAL with the girls not too long ago and they liked it.

Candy said...

Love me some karate kid! I had to tune into dancing with the stars this season to watch KK in action! Too bad he was voted off...boooo! I demand a recount! haha


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