Sunday, March 11, 2012


When only 2 of the boys are together they get along really well. When you throw the 3rd one in, it doesn't go so well. I love to listen in on the way they interact with each other. Most of the time. I overheard this conversation this morning while Brayden and Bryson were eating their oatmeal.

Bryson: "Brayden! Look how much you ate at mine!" (That would mean "look how much you ate compared to mine")
Brayden: "I know. I'm almost done."
Bryson: "How do you DO dat?"
Brayden: "Cause I'm beast."
Bryson: "You ARE beast!"


nat said...

Ha! I love these conversations!

Rose in Bloom said...

Your boys are so funny. :)


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