Monday, June 18, 2012


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Sara's Daisy Love Blog

 I posted this on facebook the other day and then realized the one person who doesn't have a facebook page would get a kick out of it!  You know who you are :)

Blaine: "MOM! Will you make him leave me ALONE?!? He keeps turning off the TV!"
Me: "Bryson, would you like Blaine to turn off the TV and spend some time with you before he goes to his dad's tomorrow? Maybe he can read you a book."
Bryson: "NO! I don't want him to read to me! I just want to pants him!"
Me: "Alright. Everybody go to bed. NOW."



nat said...

LOL! What the heck is pants him?

Sara said...

That is when they sneak up behind someone and yank their pants down to their ankles. What's funny about it is he is doing it back to the person that TAUGHT HIM!


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