Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Here are a few conversations that I had posted on my facebook page over the last few weeks.  I am copying and pasting here for all you not on facebook :)


Bryson: "MOM! Why did you burn my bacon?!? It is SO good like this! Can you burn my bacon everyday?"

Me: "Sure. I could probably do that for you everyday. I'm glad you like it."


While reading tonight from the Magic Treehouse Books, where Jack and Annie are in Africa....
Me: "Laughing Hyenas are known to be thieves and cowards."
Bryson: "OH! So they smell good!"
Me: "Um....no."


Conversations with Bryson....on the way home from dropping off Blaine to spend the night with a friend....
Bryson: "Why don't I ever get to spend the night with someone?"
Me: "Because you have a class full of girls."
Bryson: "Can I spend the night with Brayden?"
Me: "I guess so. If it's okay with Brayden."
Bryson: " YES! I need to go pack my suitcase!!!!"
Me: "You're going across the hall."
Bryson: "I know! I am so excited!"


Earlier today when I was getting ready, the TV in my bedroom was on and it was on TLC. A Baby Story was on and the lady was pregnant with triplets.
Conversation with Bryson....
Me: "She is going to have 3 babies at once! Do you know what that is called?"
Bryson: "A double?"
Me: "No. Triplets."
Bryson: "Oh, like in baseball, when Brayden hit a triplet!"
Me: "Ummmm.......yeah. Kinda like that. Maybe."
Bryson: "I.am.a.genius."
Me: "Yes, you are."
Pauses to think about this......
Bryson: "Are we triplets?"
Me: "No. If you all were triplets, you would all be the same age."
Then he starts getting slightly irritated....
Bryson: "But I want to be triplets!!!!"
Me: "Too bad."


Have a great week!


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nat said...

Oh, how I love these. Almost spit my diet coke out when I read, so they smell good? Thanks for posting these for the non-facebook users of the world. And thanks for ecxplaining pants 'em!


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