Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Hate to Read

That's right folks.  I pretty much hate to read.  Unless it has pretty pictures...as in crafting or quilting magazines...or it has really interesting illustrations, as in reading to my kids.  Even some children's books I feel like stabbing myself in the eye with a fork when I see some of the artwork, but I guess that comes from all my years of drawing and doodling.  I read blogs (the more pretty pictures they have the better) and I do have a very short list of favorites that I have read several times.  Like the Loves Comes Softly series from Janette Oak.  I read them for the first time as a tween and have read them several times since.  My mom and sister read them also, and there are times when we are together when we talk about the characters like they are family.  One of us will say something like, "What does this remind you of?"  And someone will chime in with something that has happened in one of the books, and then we all laugh and chit chat about it.  Then we look up and dad is looking at us like we are crazy because he doesn't have any idea what or who we are talking about!  I have seen on the Hallmark Channel where they have made a couple of them into a movie, but just like any other book made into a movie, they leave out so much important information (to me, anyway) that all I can do when I watch it is say, "That's not how that happened!"  Then you really aren't enjoying the movie!

Here are a few more that she wrote that I really liked in case you are interested...
Once Upon a Summer  I think there were 4 books in this one.
When Calls the Heart  There were 4 books in this one, also.

Hallmark did a movie series of When Calls the Heart also, but it's really nothing like the book.

I have read the Twilight Series and thought it was really good.  I only read it once, but if I had time I could read it again.  I don't really like Sci-fi stuff so I found it really weird that I enjoyed it as much as I did.  It ended up being one of those book series that I put off laundry and other important tasks until I could get it all read.  I do remember a few conversations that went a little like this....

Stephen:  "When are you going to wash jeans?"
Me:  "I don't know!?!  When I'm done with this book, I guess?  Why are you asking me such stupid questions?!?"

I read the Hunger Games and took my older boys to see the movie when it came out.  Brayden had read them a few years before I had even heard of them.  Blaine is too much like me so he read the first page (maybe) and then complained when he didn't like certain parts of the movie.  Which I sounded like my sister and told him if he would read the book first, he would get more out of the movie.  She would really be proud of me for telling him that.

So, unless I know I am going to have a lot of time to sit and read, I am better off not picking up a book that I know I will really like.

But I did just order two books from Amazon yesterday that I am really excited about getting.  They are written by a girl who's blog I have followed for several years.  In fact, the first blog post I read, was the one that she was in labor with the baby girl that the book all started from.  Her blog name was Bring On the Rain and her name is Angie Smith.  Her husband sings in the Christian group Selah, which I had never heard of until I stumbled across her blog.  The book is called I will Carry You and is about her pregnancy and loss of one of her daughters.  I read through the 'look inside" part on amazon as far as it would let me and it had me on the edge of the chair.  Even though I pretty much know what happens because I had followed her on her blog through that time of grief.  I started to order it on Kindle but Blaine's kindle has been acting weird and I thought with having the actual book, I could let my friends borrow it.  And since I was going to have to pay for shipping anyway, I bought Mended.  Angie Smith wrote this one also.  So I can't wait to get them in the mail and hopefully I will be able to find time to read them!  Have any of you read either of these, or any other books from this author?  She has several out now.  

I will keep you posted on what I think of the books as I get them read!


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