Friday, August 1, 2008

My Very First Blog!

After reading blogs today at work, I decided I would try this blog thing myself. I have just come home from my part time job to a sleeping baby and quiet house, so I thought now would be a good time to get started. I have alot I should be doing right now...but I'm sure this will be more fun! I have tomatoes from the garden that need to be canned. I have a pile on the kitchen table and I looked out the bathroom window this morning at the garden and I can see the red peeking through the tomato plants. I canned 70 tomatoes last Sunday. I have also started this week working on some baby gifts for friends. I am making them changing pads. I started 5 and finished 1. I almost had two finished but I didn't like my fabrics together of the second one so I took it all apart, went yesterday and got new fabric, came home and washed and dried the new fabric and now it just needs to be ironed. My kitchen table is covered with a machine, cutting board, and stacks of fabric. It's a good thing we have been too busy to eat at home this week!
School starts on Wednesday and I guess I am as ready as I will ever be. My oldest Brayden, who is 10, will be going in the 5th grade. He is dreading school, of course, because he is old enough to know better. Blaine, who is almost 8, will be going into the second grade. He told me the other day that he is so excited and that he couldn't wait for school to start. He is the social child of the three. Everyday a new best friend and a new girlfriend. We will get to hear about everyone and their brother when he gets home from school. He can tell you who likes who, who has been to the principle's office and how many times, who is related to who, and who is in who's class. I tried not to burst his bubble with the whole "You are gonna have more homework this year, more reading, less coloring...yada yada". I will just let him figure that out on his own. If we don't tell him all that he may not even put the two together. Bryson is almost 17 months now, and as long as he has a ball to throw and a tissue and blanket to snuggle he is good to go. Yes, my child has started snuggling a tissue. I don't get it either.
My wonderful husband received a table saw this past Christmas. being the creative person that I am...tried explaining to him the other day (actually a few weeks ago) about these shelves that I want installed in my bathroom. I am slowly running out of room in this house with three little ones and if I don't get this place a little more organized I am gonna have to move. With or without my family. So, here I am trying to explain to Stephen what is in my head that he obviously can't see. But , that being said, Stephen has gone and got all the things that he needs to make me my shelves. He told me that he looked up what you are supposed to give for your 5th wedding anniversary (which at the time was coming up soon) was wood. So he told me he would make me these shelves for my anniversary. That is something else we are going to work on tonight. I told him if he would just build them for me I would stain them.
Well, I am gonna get off here and get some things done before someone starts hollaring MAMAMAMAMA!!! I hope this blog thing doesn't end up like all the quilts and things that I have started and not finished. Keep your fingers crossed! Oh no! I hear him already!


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