Saturday, August 2, 2008

Last Night

I finished three out of the four changing pads that I wanted to make last night after Bryson went to sleep. I would have finished all four but when I started them Wednesday afternoon I cut the tie too short on the first one I made. (That is the one that I took apart because I didn't like the fabrics together.) So now I get to go into town today to buy another spool of ribbon so I can finish it. Once I get the ribbon I will have it finished in five minutes. So of course I am not gonna put away my sewing things because that would take longer than it would to finish it. So when everyone gets up today, we will eat breakfast right in the middle of my mess. They are used to it. And then when I can figure out why I can't all of a sudden get my pictures from my camera to my computer, I will post some pictures of the finished project. And that could possibly take a few more years! :) I didn't get to the tomatoes. That got moved to today's list. Stephen got my shelves sanded and stained last night. He said he will stain it again this morning so they will possibly be installed before I go to bed tonight! Yay! And for those of you who are laughing at the "go to town" phrase, I completely understand. That is what they say in the south. In fact I even may ask my husband if he will carry me there! haha. When we moved here in 1985, my sister and I made fun of everyone for using those two phrases among alot of others that were new to us at the time. Now we are "fixin' to do something all the time ya'll"!
Bryson is started to stir and I haven't even started the coffee yet. Gotta get moving this morning.


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