Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Big Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the first day of school and just thinking about it makes my stomache flip. I can smell the stale smell of a school hallway and feel the tension that everyone feels when they walk in the door that first day. I can still smell Pizza on Friday. In my head, I am going over and over the scho0l supply lists wondering if I have forgot anything. Making sure I packed the boys bookbags (with their help of course) in a way that when the teacher says to get something out they don't go into a panic thinking that I forgot to buy it for them. Wondering what my middle child is going to come out of his room tomorrow wearing and wondering if I will be able to convince him he looks stupid without hurting his feelings. I am a firm believer in choosing your battles, and what they wear, as long as it is somewhat decent and appropriate for the occasion, I try not to make a big deal about. I know that kids need to learn to make their own decisions and what better way to help them learn that when it is cold you wear a coat or you freeze? And their clothes not matching, although will get under my skin to no end, will not kill them. But then there is Blaine. He would wear rain boots with a tie on a sunny day to church if I let him. What if the teacher is the meanest person they have ever met? What if all the kids in their classes are not kids you would want them to be friends with? These thoughts will make the Momma Bear in you come out. The grades are getting harder and harder and so far we have had it pretty good with understanding everything, but what if this year we struggle? I already know that "borrowing and carrying" is NOT called that anymore and if you call it that your child will remember you saying you are terrible at math and won't let you help anymore. It is "regrouping" which I think is a stupid name for it, but they never ask my opinion.
These are all the things that I worried about when I was in school and for those of you that know me well know that school is NOT something I have ever cared for. But I can also remember the excitement of a brand new box of crayola crayons and brand new glue and scissors. There is nothing more exciting than pointed crayons in a new box with all their skin!
Tomorrow I will wake up a little after 5am, after tossing and turning tonight while trying to sleep. I will jump out of bed and start the day doing everything as quickly as possible. After all, who wants to be late for their first day of school? I learned last year not to expect them to eat all of their breakfast. And like always, when I ask if they remembered to brush their teeth, the answer will be no. Tomorrow we will make memories and will be another page in the boys' scrapbooks. And hopefully....I won't forget to take their picture.


Toby & Terra said...
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Toby and Terra said...

I love to read what you write about your family. It always makes me smile and reminds me I am not the only mom who second guesses myself. Olivia will start school next Tues and I go through the same feelings you mentioned...although at least you don't have to tell your boys that they're wearing too much lipstick or eye shadow doesn't go on our cheeks! haha!


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