Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Sweet Baby

Today when I dropped my sweet baby boy off at my Mom and Dad's to go to work, he always wants to go to the window to wave. He thinks it's funny when he can see me outside. I leaned down and told him bye and was blowing him kisses when he said, "Uh lah loo!" Oh, I melted! I can't understand everything he says, but I understood that! That was the first time he has told me that. I was telling Stephen about it when I got to work and he seemed aggravated with me that it didn't have the same effect when he says it. Sorry.

Speaking of not being able to understand him, he is really jibbering now. There are some words that sound the same but have several different meanings for him. I have to ask him to repeat himself sometimes and he says it over and over. Sometimes I have to ask him to show me. And he does. It is amazing how a child can understand you but has a hard time communicating back. That has got to be frustrating for a child. Let's take the word "boo" for example. Blues Clues seems to be his favorite show right now. We have a VHS that we watch everyday and if we don't get a new one soon I will go crazy. This one was Brayden's when he was a baby. That is how many times I have seen it. But "boo" also means booger. Which he likes to tease me with from the back seat of the car. He tells me, "Ahhh...boooo!", and then acts like he is going to eat it. Boys can be so gross. And they start so early!
Which leads me to another thought. I was always one of those girls that always said, "My child will NOT act like that!" Or, "When I have kids they will NOT pick their nose in public." Being a mother I have eaten a lot of words. So all of you reading this that don't have kids careful what you say. Because your mom may be like mine and laugh and tell you that God is so paying you back. Not nice.
Back to my thought. Sorry. All of my kids have been attached to something. Which I always said I wouldn't have kids that drug silly things around like that in public. Brayden a thin blanket that I covered up with to nurse which fell to pieces in the wash one day and a pacifier. He keeps what is left of it in a ziploc bag in one of his drawers and will pull it out every now and then, smell it, (like when he was a baby) and ask if I would try to sew it back together. Blaine was attached to a blue blanket and a pacifier which turned into a different polar fleece blanket with Dora and his finger. That will be another story for another day. Bryson on the other hand, is attached to a thin blanket like Brayden and his thumb. But in the last few months he has added something to the mix.

A tissue.

Why? I don't know. He cries, "Tee tee!" And we all know that means give that boy a tissue. And he doesn't really like them new and crisp. If he has lost a worn in one, it is better to rough up one before giving it to him. Wad it a know...make it snuggly. Whatever. "My kid's not gonna drag around a kleenex in public and then stick it in his ear so he can do something else with his hands! Not my kids!"

I'm eating a lot of words as a mother. My kids fight. In public. My kid sucks his thumb. Big deal. I have even had a moment or two where one or the other has had a melt down in the grocery store. They even pick their noses. And lately we have had a really bad case of barking tree spiders at my house. Does anyone know how to get rid of those by the way?

I guess this post is really not going anywhere. Sorry for that. But I wouldn't change anything in the world about my boys and I am sure you other mom's know exactly what I mean. :)

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gabgirl said...

i do.
thank you for reminding me.
love this post.


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