Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Later Today

This evening I will be going to the polls to cast my vote. The whole crew will be going, so not only should you pray for our country, but for our family. I pray the lines are short and the people that are there are nice and polite. I don't want my kids to fear going to vote for the President! Bryson does well in the stroller as long as it keeps moving. Maybe with his older brothers there to entertain, he will do okay. And maybe some goldfish crackers and pretzel sticks.

And the one and only thing I remember learning in Economics class....your vote does count and if you don't vote you have no right to complain about the President!!! You know how when you watch the news they keep telling how certain states are for this or that Presidential candidate? How do they know? Know one has asked me ahead of time. I think they just make all that up so people that are busy will think it is a waste of their time to go stand in line because the other person will win and it won't help anyway.

Each vote counts so go cast your vote. I know I said in a previous vote to remember to pray for our country. That is something we should do all the time...not just at election time.


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