Friday, November 21, 2008

My Weekend

This weekend me and my husband will be making a trip to Gatlinburg with our church group. Couples only, with the exception of a new baby that is only 3 weeks old. I should probably decide now not to hold her so I don't get "baby girl fever".

I have a long list of things to get accomplished today before we leave and I am sitting at the computer, so I must make this a quick one! I started packing for Bryson on Wednesday. I will be leaving him with my parents for the first time. I am more worried about my parents than I am worried about Bryson. I hope all goes well with that. I cleaned out the van last night and decided that I should probably consider the two other couples that are riding with us and shampoo the carpet in the van also. I worked hard on it for an hour and a half. I came in and told Stephen it didn't look like it had used much of the shampoo cleaner. He assured me by telling me that when you use the attachment it won't use much. So I didn't think much else about it. Until the middle of the night. That is when I wake up from a dead sleep and think of something that I need to do, add to my list, a quilt that I have had trouble with...and so on. I problem solve in my sleep. Not good I know, but that is how I do things. So I wake up and think, "I had that stupid machine on rinse and it didn't even use the cleaner!" AAGHHHH! How annoying. I haven't gone out there yet to check but it probably smells like a wet dog now. And I don't even have a dog. Just boys. So I guess I should say it is gonna smell like wet boys.

I want to get some cleaning done. I hate coming home to a mess, which is how it always seems to be, but I hate it. I have been asked to bring oatmeal raisin cookies that I brought the last time. We didn't go last year, so that would have been two years ago. I don't know how Lynn remembered that, but she did! So I will make a double batch and probably eat half before I leave. Then onto my haircut appointment where my hairdresser wants to do something a little different. Why not? It will grow back. Which means I will probably be scalped by this afternoon since my hair isn't real long anyway.

We saw last night on the news that Gatlinburg has 4 inches of snow so please pray for our safety. We have a really big curvy mountain to get up and the church is also taking the church bus. Makes me very nervous to travel and this just adds to the anxiety of it all. What if we can't get up that hill? What if we do and can't get back out? At least I will be with lots of friends and will have a good time, regardless. We have always had a blast when we go on this trip. Staying up late, playing games, and lots of laughing! But back to worrying about the kids. How will they do if we don't come home on time?

Okay, I have got to get some things done before the little munchkin wakes up. So happy weekend to everyone and stay safe! I will post about our trip when we get back. And if you are lucky, pictures to go with it. But I am notorious for forgetting my we will see!



gabgirl said...

have a GREAT trip!!
i can relate with your "worrying more about your parents than your kids!" it will be a GREAT time for all though...i'm sure. it always is for us, our boy's, AND my parents!! :)

everyone's just "makin' sweet memories!"
enjoy yourself & time together...

gabgirl said...

i've got something for you, sara!
goto my blog......
i HEART your blog!!

Joy said...

I hope you have a great weekend away! Those are so wonderful! I will pray for a safe trip--a couple of years ago I chaperoned the youth group to Wintefest & took Cole along. While we were in town the snow came down & down & down. By the time we got back to where we were staying (straight up a VERY steep hill) in Pigeon Forge, we couldn't get the bus up the hill. So we had to climb on foot. I think it took me about 30 minutes SERIOUSLY, of course Cole took off & after the first 15 seconds was out of my sight. Thank goodness the teens love him & took care of him when he made it to the summit :-)


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