Sunday, November 16, 2008

One Down...Two To Go!

Here is a picture of what I have been working on lately. I have been keeping our old jeans for awhile to do this. The boys are always wearing out the knees of their jeans and I hate to throw things away! The rest of them are perfectly good! The boys are always complaining about their blankets on their beds. It seems like the last few years for Christmas someone will get them a blanket. But they never really seemed to fit the bed very good. They would be a throw size or they would be just a little too short to tuck into the bottom. Last year's were Alabama and they slid off the bed every night. So about a month ago I decided I would start using up all those scraps of denim. I watched for flannel to go on sale and bought 14 yards for $3.99 a yard! That was 50% off! I had hit the jackpot! Except they only had three fabrics to choose from that didn't look like a girl or have baby sheep on them. So I found this one that is in the picture. I liked it okay, but I sure didn't want to have to cut a bunch of plaid. I like to use my rotary cutter and mat and I can cut fabric in no time. With plaid you have to fussy cut. I had to cut a template and them cut each block All 180 of them. For each quilt. But it went together somewhat quickly. Quicker than a regular quilt because i don't have to quilt it! I just sew blocks and then the rows. Then I have to go back and cut each seam to make it ravel. It is called a lazy denim quilt. I didn't do it for the lazy part but the quick part. They are hopefully going to get these for Christmas. And then if I have time I will use the scraps from the flannel and make a small one for Bryson. We will see.

The picture below is the quilt that I made for Blaine's kindergarten teacher that I posted about back in September, I think. It turned out descent. I don't think I have ever made a quilt and been completely happy with the way it turns out. I guess I am too particular and I can spot every little mistake that I make. But I promised a picture of it in that here it is!

I have also decided to try to make them pajama pants. I want to learn some simple sewing and what better way to learn than something no one has to wear in public! So of course, I went last weekend to the big fabric sale and once again they had nothing real appropriate for my boys. What I ended I up coming home with is baby blue with hockey gear on it. It seems like they play every sport but hockey, but it was 50% off and who wants to pay full price in case I ruin it? They did have an Alabama print but of course it wasn't on sale and it was $8.00 a yard. I would definitely jinx myself if I had bought it. I needed 4 yards and I could not justify buying that when I could have bought them cheaper already made. So I will practice on my sale fabric, watch for the Alabama fabric to go on sale, and then if the first pair turns out I will buy the Alabama fabric and make those. I may even wait until spring and get it really cheap and then wait until next fall to make those! That is a good idea! I am glad I just thought of that!

Have a great first of the week!



gabgirl said...

i'm GREEN with envy over your skills! :) i absolutely luuuuhuuuuve the denim lazy quilt. that's absolute awesome!! i love everything about it. the crazy looking stitching, the fact that it's the boy's jeans (sentimental), & i'm a HUGE (sorry) fan of plaid! it all just goes together.


Sara said...

I love plaids too, I just hate cutting blocks one at a time. With my rotary cutter I can cut 4 at a time. Big difference. The fabric store had Auburn flannel too! You should start saving your old jeans and I can show you how.

gabgirl said...

ahhhhh, how sweet would that be?!?!
like how many jeans are we talking here? crap, i think i just threw some away (nasty knees & just overall funky)!

and, could i REALLY do it????

Sara said...

I don't know how may pair I used because I cut out the pieces I can use to store them. But...all of Blaine's ended up being too skinny, but I saved them and I will make a smaller one for the baby. I ended up running a few blocks short and went to a thrift store and bought 2 huge pair for $3.00 each. You could always go that route if you run out! I got around 16 blocks per pair of jeans, depending on the size. And yes, you can make this. But you do need a machine.

Joy said...

Talent & patience--I am so jealous! If you saw my latest post you know why I could NEVER do this.

Sara said...

I already read yours this morning and could not believe how you just came up with that scarf! It is so cute! And you could do this quilt too! I think it makes a very good boy quilt.

gabgirl said...

okay, i can't do it.
i'm "kinda crafty" in that painting pottery, cross stitching, crocheting, scrapbooking, (got the elementary degree so i can make a MEAN bulletin board), etc...way. but i CAN'T sew. and, you just said "sewing machine."

haven't touched one since home-ec in highschool...and i sucked at it.

Sara said...

If you can trace a 6 1/2 inch square and cut it out with regular scissors, you can make this. Trust me. The machine is the easy part. I'm guessing you don't have a machine. Do you know someone, mom, or friend, that you could borrow one from? I could help you learn. You may can't do it now, but I am sure you are teachable!


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