Monday, December 29, 2008

Get It Out!

Christmas is over...get this stuff out of my house! We had our last Christmas with friends last night and we had a good time. But I am ready to take down the tree and pack up the Santas. Stephen won't let me. He says I have to wait until Saturday because that is when he can put it all back in the attic.

The kids got so much stuff that I am gonna have to go clean out their toy boxes and rooms to find a place for it all. Every year me and Stephen buy them less and less but it seems like they still get more. Of course, they get more than they will ever need. I am sure you all can relate to that. I would rather them go through their toy boxes and donate toys they don't play with anymore,mainly to help them learn to help others, but they are worse than my mother with wanting to keep things because of the memories. I like to clean stuff out and get rid of it. I try to give them a sob story about little boys and girls that don't get anything and that they could give them some. It never works. They come up with every excuse in the book. Maybe they haven't been good. They probably wouldn't like their old stuff anyway. But Grandma gave it to them! That was their favorite when they were two! It just keeps going and going. So I get to do the job when they are gone. And today they are at Grandma's house. They always want to spend the night with my parents but they work at night so it is hard for us to find a time when it works out. And last night was the only night while they are out of school that it would work.

I think I have told you all before about how Bryson has learned to blame things on others. He always blames things on Blaine. If he gets a boo boo...Blaine did it. Usually Blaine is at school when it happens, but he hasn't figured out yet when he should and shouldn't blame him, so he does it all the time. We were at my parents for Christmas and Bryson had a dirty diaper so I took him in the other room to change him. While I was changing him I was telling him how gross and stinky it was.

He looked at me and as plain as day said, "Brayden did it."

"Brayden did it?"


"Brayden pooped in your pants?"


I asked Brayden if in fact he had pooped in Bryson's pants. (Just kidding of course!)

"Yeah mom. I pooped in his pants."

They all got a kick out of that one. Blaine says, "Well at least he didn't blame me for it!"

I better get to those toy boxes today! But I do have other things that need to be done first so I probably won't even touch them! But I will try. And now that all the craziness of the Holidays is over maybe I can keep up my blog a little more. And Stephen got me a laptop for Christmas so that will help to, I'm sure!



gabgirl said...

get it out...girl, you and i should've been sisters! :)

you should talk to my boy's about their things and where it all goes!? the boy's have been known to tell neighbors, family, and friends..."mom probably sold it!" if they can't find something, that is their first thought! i do kid's market. for more reasons than one. i love that i can keep things moving out as much as their moving in (clothes, toys, etc...) and get some cash flow from it too!

bryson is heeeeeeelarious! that is too precious. it makes me sad to read about him because those days are certainly over for our house! :(

Ken Row said...

Too funny!

My son Keaton used to blame the dog for his dirty diapers.

the rambler said...

Those boys are hilarious! You keep me laughing with your stories! :)

Joy said...

So glad to see that my boys are not the only ones who have some sentimental sob story about every toy. Seriously, they even make up stories like "that's the one we got at McDonald's that time that we went & I sat next to you, blah, blah, blah..." Although I'm not anxious for the boys to be back in school, I am very ready for the big throw-away-day that's a comin'!
Hope you all have a great New Years!!!

Sara said...

Well when ya'll see that big pile of junk on my porch Wednesday by 9am, rest assured Purple Heart is pickin' it up! They called me today. How in the world did they know I cleaning out toy boxes? I guess we are not the only moms to do this!

the rambler said...

purple heart rocks! i left a humiliating pile right outside my garage for them a couple of months ago and hoped they got to it before the whole neighborhood saw it. i don't think we'd cleaned out the attic since we've lived here and you wouldn't believe what all i put out there!

i'm looking forward to the great toy clean-out, too...the kids never miss it if they aren't around to see it get pitched! tried to get their input once and swore i'd never ask again! happy purging to everyone!


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